Author: Michael Dolce

So with the return of The Sire less than 2 months away I can’t help but talk about how excited at how it’s coming together…

I recently picked up two trades from my local comic store ( that were instrumental in the development of my early inspirations in comics: The Todd McFarlane Spider-Man Legends Trades. These trades collected McFarlane’s historic run on Amazing Spider-Man, which coincidentally mirror my initial entry into the Marvel Universe. And while McFarlane’s art still holds up over all these years, and pretty much speaks for itself, it dawned on me how much writer David Micheline gets overlooked as one of the premier seriel style writers we grew up with.

His pacing and juggling of the supporting cast coupled with his structure is pretty much the standard by how i write all my comics:
1. Initial battle sequence to draw the reader in.
2. Exposition in Act 2, plus setup of sub-plots that will culminate in later installments
3. Conclusion to main threat or villain introduced at the get go.

And having re-read these trades, along with the Sire TPB, a flood of new ideas have been brewing. Look forward to the return of the main three bad guys from Sire #1: Bard, Claw, and Paralys not to mention the introduction of several new good guys to aid our hero: Shatter, Cutthroat, Montor. New baddies The Executor, Streak and more will slowly infiltrate our world. And much further down the road, the return of some other familiar faces. All in all, i can’t tell you how excited I am to be EXCITED for these new tales to come. Plus, I’ll be working with some super talented contributors that will definitely be taking the comics world by storm. Oh, and I’ll be drawing my own character too. What-what?? Yeah. It feels good. In a classic kind of way.

War of the Independents – featuring The Sire – is in Diamond now! Originally announced by David Ryan of Red Anvil Comics in January of 2007, War of the Independents is a 6 issue full color crossover series bringing independents creators together from all spectrums of comics by writer and artist Dave Ryan. Planned to be a huge crossover between many different independent comic characters, the format of the series has changed multiple times over the years, but the final product is ready for publication! Diamond’s order code for War of the Independents #1 – featuring The Sire – is coming out in October is AUG111181. Go out and order it NOW!

Descendant #2 hits Previews now! After liberating her people from Dr. Alexis Bane’s biomechanical mutants, Rayne Santiago is forced to embrace the pyrokinetic powers she’s spurned her entire life if she hopes to rescue her two brothers from horrific experimentation at Bane’s hands. But Rayne’s worst fears are realized when she storms Bane’s jungle compound and is forced to do battle with her own genetically altered kin. Want more information? The creators of Descendant have been interviewed on sites like and The Pulse – dishing the dirt on the new epic! Check out the links below: Pulse: CBR: And you can still order DESCENDANT #1 (MAY090301), in stores July 15th, 2009, until July 1st. Descendant #2 (JUN090378): Written by Michael Dolce & Marcus Perry. Art by Mariano Navarro. Cover by Tyler Kirkham. baskldfkjdfj dfjfds dfs dfsfdsfdf dfsfdsfdsdfs

May 15 2009 (Berkeley, CA) – This July, indie superhero favorite writers Michael Dolce and Marcus Perry join illustrator Mariano Navarro and cover artist Tyler Kirkham for their three issue mini-series exploring the dangerous side of superpowers, DESCENDANT. “It’s very hard to find a new spin on superpowers, but I think Mike, Marcus and Mariano have done it,” Image Comics Vice-President Jim Valentino said. “DESCENDANT is completely different than any other book on the stands, but will be a big hit with fans of SLEEPER, CAPTAIN AMERICA and SECRET WARRIORS while surprising them like no other book can.” In DESCENDANT Rayne Santiago, a United States counter-terrorism soldier, is forced to return to her South American homeland after years of exile due to abusing her own innate pyrokinetic abilities. There she she receives word of her brothers’ abduction by a rogue pharmaceutical conglomerate bent on using their DNA to manufacture super powers. Michael Dolce and Mariano Navarro’s experience in the small press superhero field combined with Marcus Perry’s past writing high-octane action films combines to tell a superpowered blockbuster the likes of which hasn’t been seen. DESCENDANT #1 (MAY090301), a 32-page full color comic book for $3.50, will be in stores July 15th, 2009.

Two knockout debuts from creator Michael Dolce all in one place! The SIRE TPB and Zenescope’s Grimm’s Fairy Tales #28 will be on sale this weekend at Wizard World Chicago. The SIRE TP, a 160-page epic written by Dolce, with art by Dan Leister (Return to Wonderland), Jose Holder and more features the groundbreaking SIRE and SIRE: Revelations mini-series’ as well as two all-new never before seen adventures! Swing by artist alley table #3602 to get yours first! Meanwhile Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the popular series from Zenescope, will also be making its debut at the show. Based around the renown fable of the ‘Ugly Duckling’ this issue features writer Michael Dolce’s first – in what hopes to be many – script for Zenescope. Both issues go on sale in stores the following week, but you can get it here first if you’re at the Rosemont Convention Center this weekend!. You can also order the SIRE TP online through any trusted online retailer or directly by going to:

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The SIRE TP is jampacked with artwork by industry pros Talent Caldwell, Tyler Kirkham, Daniel Leister and more! When an alien creature is released on Earth, it genetically alters all who come in contact with its energy force. Now, hell bent on regaining its power there is only one man that can stop it: The SIRE – a lowly assistant forced to become Earth’s protector by his own costume! Let your local retailer know to look for it and order your copy today!

Check out Wizard #198 Wizard Edge section for the latest indy article from SIRE creator Michael Dolce. In this latest edition Dolce talks about the importance of good judgement when assessing one’s overall goal in the industry and coming to sometimes difficult decisions on how best to proceed. Order a copy of Wizard #198 today by going to: For more indy insight check out Michael Dolce at Wizard World LA March 16th-18th, 2008 co-hosting a panel on self-publishing. The SIRE TPB is available to order in the March volume of Diamond Previews – order #MAR083388

All SIRE fans scroll to the Wizard Edge section of Wizard #194 to check out SIRE creator Mike Dolce’s first in what hopes to be a series of columns on the world of indie publishing. Titled “Pitch Perfect” Dolce’s column touches upon the universal issue of how to pitch your comic book appropriately when trying to sell it to consumers at conventions or even potential publishers as well. If anyone is interested in advertising their publication in the Wizard Edge section of the magazine please contact Karen Evora at “We’ve always received a ton of feedback from our Wizard ads and reccomend it to anyone looking to gain exposure for their indie creations,” Dolce commented. Sire: Revelations #3 is available in stores next week. The SIRE TPB will be available for pre-order in the March volume of Diamond Previews.

With just weeks before the release of SIRE: Revelations #2, After Shock Comics has made available the first 6 pages online now! Featuring the blockbuster debut of new penciler Jose Holder, SIRE: Revelations #2 picks up where issue #1 left off, with everything on the line as SIRE goes up against the U.S. government! But with one of their top ranking agents possessed by the maniacal Presence – an alien creature responsible for everything that’s happened so far – the SIRE must accept help from the most unlikeliest of allies: his arch nemesis SIPHON! This issue features a cover by TYLER KIRKHAM (X-Men: Phoenix Warsong) and reverses as the comics debut of the Wizard World Film Festival winner RAZOR SHARP. And look for writer/creator Michael Dolce appearing this Sunday in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. For further details please visit: Click here for a preview! SIRE: Revelations #2 (#JUN073186) Story: Michael Dolce Art: Jose Holder Cover Art: TYLER KIRKHAM – See more at: