This week on Secrets of the Sire we welcome Bad Coyote Funky podcaster Sergio Renwick and hear from Atlas Genius’ Keith Jeffrey on the new Creative Economy. What jobs exist today in the creative field that never existed at any time before – and how do you score those gigs? Video Game analyst, Blogger, Professional live streamer, YouTube Sensation – we give you the insight and history of how the Internet (for the umpteenth time) has changed EVERYTHING.

“Obviously, it was not something we expected. We put it up on a couple of web sites and forgot about it. [The song] got picked up a month later and spread like wildfire. It was a game changer for us,” Jeffrey said about his hit song “Trojans” – a common theme amongst budding musicians and artists.

Plus, we break down Chris Rock’s Oscar speech and introduce our March Madness: Movie Franchise Final Four! Secrets of the Sire: Friday 11am ET on

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Check out my interview with the Walkmen’s @WaltRMartin for @amNewYork. Walter and I chatted about his new solo record Arts & Leisure, his songwriting process and the status of his more famous outfit the Walkmen.

“Walter Martin likes to be funny … it just doesn’t always turn out that way in the end.

Such was the case when the Walkmen bassist set out to write “Arts & Leisure,” a follow-up to his commercially successful debut “We’re All Young Together.”

“I was an art history major and I don’t remember it very well and I thought it would be funny,” Martin cheerfully recalls. “But then I sort of realized after I wrote a few songs, that of course I really love art. I have feelings about it. So I felt like I could make it richer. And that’s when I thought I was onto a good idea.”

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Walter Martin Walkmen

Image via amNew York