Captain America: Civil War

LISTEN LIVE: Secrets of the Sire in PRIMETIME – Tonight 8:30pm

Listen to Secrets of the Sire LIVE in PRIMETIME: TONIGHT: 8:30pm ET!

Join the Secrets of the Sire Radio Hour as we break down Captain America: Civil War. We give our Spoiler-Free review – is this the best Marvelverse movie of all time? Where does Civil War rank among the Marvel movies to date? And how does it compare to DC’s Batman v Superman? All this and more for or first PrimeTime show!

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This week’s show will also be our FIRST at the new PRIMETIME time slot on Catch us at our new PRIMETIME slot every week starting tonight at 8:30 pm. New Bat time, same Bat channel, same Batty Opinions, Guests and general Mayhem (SoS is still banned in China!)

Missed anything? Catch up on previous shows like last week’s discussion on the politics behind Civil War. Are you #teamcap? Or #teamironman? Did you know you’re probably on the wrong side no matter what? That’s because Marvel royally screwed up the politics in the original Civil War. We dove into all of that, described how the movie universe got it right and gave our predictions for what is sure to be the movie event of the summer with the gang from BadCoyoteFunky

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