SoS 26: Marvel Kills Major Character, Our Take On Ghostbusters, Plus Boom! Studios

On the latest episode of the Secrets of the Sire radio show and podcast: Marvel kills major character, Ghostbusters is so-so (which makes you sexist) and we welcome BOOM! Studios to the show: Secrets of the Sire Radio Show and Podcast to give their San Diego ComicCon preview.

PLUS: We cover the George Takei controversy and continue to shamelessly push our Plan 10 from OuterSpace Kickstarter live on air.

Check out an excerpt from the podcast where we break down the story:

Civil War II: Major Character Death

Host Michael Dolce:

“I want to thank Marvel for consistently changing my show topic the day of.

So, it’s been a crazy week for writer Brian Michael Bendis. First, the acclaimed writer made headlines for replacing Iron Man with a 15-year old black female in the pages of Invincible Iron Man. Now he takes aim at one of Marvel’s major heavy weights in the new Civil War II comic — literally!”

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Next week: We welcome BOOM! Studios on air to give us their San Diego ComicCon preview and talk up the bomb of a movie that was Plan 9 From Outer Space!

PLUS: If you haven’t checked out the Plan 10 Kickstarter yet you can do so below:

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