With Deadpool failing to nab a Best Picture nomination, we break the “Top 5 Superhero Oscar Snubs” of all time!

PLUS: We chat Charmed, X-Men Comics and Cats with DC and Dynamite writer Erica Schultz

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Dynamite Entertainment’s “Charmed” #1, written by Erica Schultz and illustrated by Maria Sanapo, with covers by Sanapo and Joe Corroney, available March 8, 2017, in support of The CW ordering up a script for a new “Charmed” series, set in 1976, ‘re-imagining’ the original Aaron Spelling series, that previously aired for eight seasons on CW.


@ericaschultz42 and ericaschultzwrites on Instagram. My website is EricaSchultzWrites.com.

NEXT WEEK: We welcome Deadpool co-creator and writer Fabian Nicieza to share his thoughts on the juggernaut that was Deadpool and the Oscar snub.

PLUS: What’s it like having your own highway named after you in a movie?