SoS Ep 65: Last Jedi Trailer Review & Is Force Awakens The Worst Stars Ever?

On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire, we talk Star Wars: The Last Jedi – was anyone else underwhelmed with the first official trailer?

PLUS: Is Episode VII the worst Star Wars movie ever or is the taste of the Prequels still fresh in your mouth?

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Tone Vays is  a former Wall Street Risk Analyst and current Blockchain Researcher with a focus on Bitcoin. Tone is also a Self Employed Derivatives Trader and Content Creator.  Tone also spend have the year traveling and speaking at Blockchain and Economic events around the world.

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My website is LibertyLifeTrail but most people follow my content and ideas on Twitter @ToneVays. I am also the host of several podcasts including CryptoScam, On The Record with Tone Vays and a twice weekly Economics and Trading show on my YouTube Channel. Tone is part of the WorldCryptoNetwork where we have a weekly show talking about the latest news in Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies & Blockchains. Tone has also recently started consulting for private individuation looking to become better traders and for companies seeking a better understanding of Blockchain Technology.

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I have opinions on everything from Economics to Politics to Climate & of course Trends in Pop Culture.

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Tone Vays – Blockchain Researcher & Consultant

LibertyLifeTrail | LinkedIn | @ToneVays | YouTubeChannel | WorldCryptoNetwork

About Brad Szollose

Brad Szollose (pronounced zol-us) has helped some big companies work with and understand Millennials, including Tony Robbins and MasterCard World Wide. 

Brad is TEDX Speaker, Web pioneer and the author of the award-winning, bestseller Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia, which delves into generational differences and new management styles of the 21st Century.

Brad’s insights on the next generation has been featured in Forbes, Inc.,The Huffington Post,New York Magazine,Inc.,Advertising Age, and The International Business Times…, but the real reason we are having him on Secrets of The Sire is he is a graphic designer and creative director by trade, and has had a love for comic books since he was a kid. Brad is going to explain how Science Fiction and Video Games and MMORPGs really influenced anyone born after 1984, far more than you may realize.

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Showing companies how to use Gamification as a Management Tool, and turning it into a book.

Working on the audio version of Journeys to Success: The Millennial Edition.

When are they going to make a ThunderCats Movie?

GOT AN OPINION? (We dig hot button issues in the industry and would be happy to hear your take)

How has Manga influenced Marvel and DC…has it forced them to up their game?
How is DC choking their own brand?

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Twitter: @BradSzollose @LiquidLeader
Blog: Brad Solus


NEXT WEEK: With Summer Comic Book Movie season around the corner we welcome Newsarama’s Chris Arrant to help break down the most anticipated Superhero flick of the season!

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