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PODCAST | Him too? We discuss the fallout from the Chris Hardwick allegations and break down what’s next for the Talking Dead celeb and MeToo movement in Pop Culture.

PLUS: We welcome the hosts of the ‘Oh Sith’ podcast on for a Retro Review of the first X-Men Franchise: Does it still hold up after all these years?

Chris Hardwick MeToo

Segment #1:

Michael and Hassan start off the show by informing the audience about who Chris Hardwick is and the details of the claims of sexual assault and other claims against him. They talk about the details of Hardwick’s abusive relationship, the complexities of the story and how hard to is to prove mental abuse. Next they discuss the Me Too Movement and its implications. They end the segment with a tease of the upcoming debate about the situation and whether or not it applies to the Me Too Movement.

Segment #2:

Michael and Hassan open the segment discussing whether or not anything in the Hardwick situation is true since it’s so difficult to prove any of this happened. Next they discuss whether or not accusations without concrete evidence are enough to strip a person’s livelihood away, which is what has been seen with the majority of the men accused by the Me Too Movement, even if said claims are eventually proved to be true. Michael ends the segment by previewing the next segment with an interview with the Oh Sith! Show and a retro review of the original X-Men Trilogy.

X3 Retro Review

Segment #3:

Michael opens the segment by welcoming Nicholas and and Cecily from the Oh Sith! Show. Before going to the X-Men retro review, they close up on the previous discussion of the Me Too Movement and the large number of male actors accused of sexual misconduct in recent months. Next talk begin the retro review with talking about how bad X-Men The Last Stand was and how good X-Men United was and is, especially in comparison. Hassan spearheads the discussion of if these movies are as good or bad as everyone says that they are.

Segment #4:

Michael, Hassan, and the Oh Sith! Show open this final segment moving the retro review towards the first X-Men movie. The discussion quickly moves to the portrayal of Rogue and how it didn’t sit well with some of the audience members. Michael thanks the Oh Sith! Show for joining this week’s episode. On this week’s Spinning the Racks, they bring up the rumor that Billy Dee Williams is going to return to Star Wars Episode IX as Lando Calrissan, and that they working title for the origin story for the DCU’s Joker.


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PLUS: We welcome Dynamite Entertainment’s Joseph Rybant on to help us preview SDCC 2018.

Things are heating up in our #MarchMadness bracket! Which BEST SEQUEL will win it all? Winter Soldier vs Civil War! Dark Knight vs X2! Guardians 2 vs Logan and Superman 2 vs Spider-Man 2.

Listen in to find out more on this episode of Secrets of the Sire.

Michael and Hassan return to continue their Comic Book Movie Madness Tournament to determine the best comic book movie sequel.

Segment 1

Logan VS. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Hue Jackman, The Wolverine, Patrick Stewart, How did Wolverine get his claws back?, Tribute trailer, Even split poll, Magneto, Unresolved plot details, Stray Bullets. They start off by going into the comic book movie sequel bracket by breaking down the four remaining matchups.

They start off in the Talkradio bracket with…

Logan vs. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Michael and Hassan discuss the potential plot holes in Logan, the experience watching Guardians 2 vs. its predecessor, and dive deep into what makes Logan great or not great.

Hassan on Logan: “Logan is a one-shot film. It had to destroy a lot to be successful.

Segment 2

Filling the 30 year gap between Logan and The Wolverine, The Last Jedi, Days of Futures Past, Logan has a stronger story than Guardians 2?, Hassan: “I say Logan sucks and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 wins”, How did Magneto get his powers back?, Mike Dolce’s new book The Mainstream release party.

The debate bleeds into the second segment. They go deep into comic book history to determine how Wolverine got his claws back in Logan, and dive into the continuity of the rebooted X-Men series to figure out the claw debate in Logan.

Michael on Logan vs. Guardians of the Galaxy 2: “From a story standpoint, Logan is better than Guardians 2.”

Segment 3

SuperMan 2 vs Spider Man 2, Octavius vs. General Zod, Richard Doner, Evolution of Superhero movies, Production Value.

They keep Logan vs. Guardians 2 on hold to sweep through the no-brainer match up which was Dark Knight vs. X2. Things get heated when they discuss Spiderman 2 vs. Superman 2.

Michael and Hassan debate over the flaws between Spiderman 2 and Superman 2 and why Hassan is for Superman 2 over Spiderman 2. They discuss whether how the different movie eras the two movies are in affected them and Sam even weighs in on Superman 2 vs. Spiderman 2.

They then go into Captain America: Winter Soldier vs. Captain America: Civil War. Michael questions what created the hype in Winter Soldier.

Hassan: “The only way they could make a good Logan film is to discredit everything that came before it.”

Segment 4

Civil War vs. Winter Soldier, What is it about Winter Soldier that makes it so exciting?, Caller discusses Spider Man 2’s effectiveness, as well as Guardians 2 vs. Logan, “Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is a better sequel, Logan is a better movie”, Captain America, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johannsen chemistry, Final 4 Decided, Donald Glover’s animated Dead Pool gets pushed back.

They wrap up the show by debating between Winter Soldier and Civil War. They then determine who gets into the Final Four and then Spin the Racks before ending the show. They discuss the cancellation of Deadpool: The Animated Series run by Donald Glover. Things get heated on this episode of Secrets of the Sire.

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NEXT WEEK:  Are you Ready… Player One? Our full review! PLUS: We’ll announce the winner of our Final Four! And O.A.R. lead singer Marc Roberge stops in to announce a project with his favorite comic book creator!

The Madness continues! Will a Wolverine make it out of the second round? Will the Dark Knight laugh down the competition? And oh that Thor: Dark World…

Comic Book Movie Sequels

Segment 1

Michael and Hassan start by previewing the Sweet 16 by going through each region.

First, the Lord of the Radio Region which consists of… Spiderman 2 vs. Hellboy 2 and Superman 2 vs. Thor Ragnarok

The Dolce Region with Dark Knight vs. The Wolverine and X2 vs. X-Men First Class

The Pat Shand region which consists of Captain America: Winter Soldier vs. Thor: Dark World and The Avengers: Age of Ultron vs Captain America: Civil War. Throw in a side debate over the pronunciation of posthumous and we got ourselves a heated tournament to decide amongst these movie sequels.

Hassan’s thoughts on Dark Knight: “Dark Knight is a great movie, it’s not a good batman movie.”

Hassan’s thoughts on The Wolverine : “Wolverine is a good Wolverine Movie, but not a good movie.”

Segment 2

They continue previewing the bracket with the Sam Talking Alternative Region which has Logan vs. Iron Man 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 vs. X-Men: Days of Future’s Past.

With the whole Sweet 16 bracket revealed, Mike and Hassan breakdown and determine which movies advance to the Elite 8.

They start by breaking down with Age of Ultron vs. Civil War and which movie’s issues are less glaring. They rush through some of the more lopsided matchups (Spiderman 2 vs. Hellboy 2 and Winter Soldier vs. Thor: Dark World).

Hassan’s opinion of Civil War: “Civil War comes down to one line: Should we tell Tony?”


Segment 3

Michael and Hassan go into the Sam region by breaking down the upset potential of Iron Man 3 over Logan. They debate between Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 vs. X-Men: Days of Future Past. They talk about what they didn’t expect out of Days of Future’s Past, the differences in the stories of The Dark Knight and The Wolverine: X-Men Origins.

Hassan on Logan: “I’m not a fan of old man Logan. I’m not a fan of the idea of Old Man Logan.”

Michael on The Wolverine: X-Men Origins: “Wolverine tried to do a lot of things, but the performances were a bit uneven. The Silver Samurai in the end was horrible.”

Segment 4

Michael and Hassan wrap the show up with a debate between Superman 2 and Thor Ragnarok and the nostalgia factor of Superman 2. They then determine which X-Men sequel is better: X-Men 2 or X-Men: First Class.

Michael on Thor Ragnarok vs. Superman 2: “Thor Ragnarok was a cool sitcom, but Superman 2 is much bigger.”

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NEXT WEEK: True Blood’s Kristina Anapau returns to talk about her new movie! PLUS: Best Sequel madness continues in Round 3!

The Best Comic Book Movie Sequels go head-to-head as our annual “Comic Book Movie March Madness” returns! Marvel novel writer Pat Shand help us field a bracket of 16 of the BEST comic book movie sequels of all time. You won’t believe what makes the cut!

Michael and Hassan are feeling the March Madness. They bring on Marvel writer Pat Shand to craft their own bracket for comic book movies. This year’s theme is comic book movie sequels.

Segment 1

They welcome on Marvel writer and friend of the show Pat Shand. They joke around with discussions of fast food, Pat’s fondness for Six Feet Under, whether the show “Jumped the Shark” and its overall legacy.

Segment 2

Michael, Hassan and Pat go on the unveil the bracket for this year’s Comic Book March Madness. They break down what films qualify as a sequel to be eligible for the tournament. They start determining which films earn the one seat

Michael: “Dark knight is a no-brainer one seat”

Thor Dark World

Segment 3

They continue to cut down the list with debates over whether X2 and Blade 2 are good enough to join the Big Dance, which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sequel deserves a spot and then begin the seeding process.

Segment 4

They close in on the bracket’s completion by establishing their top 8 films, and start the elimination process. ELIMINATED: Amazing Spider Man 2

Michael “They’ve serialized the movies to feel like episodes instead of movies.”

Hassan on Superman 2: “Superman 1 was an iconic movie. Superman 2 is a studio cash grab, but it was good.”

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NEXT WEEK: Our Comic Book March Movie Madness continues as we welcome comedian Halle Stern on to help us get to the Elite 8!