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Marvel and DC both have an impressive cast of characters to work with, so it’s really no surprise to realize that within those worlds are plenty of characters to identify with. Both franchises boast their fair share of LGBT+ characters, even if it isn’t always easy to remember the details.

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Today we’re going to talk about, and celebrate, the Marvel and DC characters who are delightfully bisexual. Some of these characters are perhaps a bit easier to remember, while others might just surprise you.

10 Loki

We might as well start off this list with the most obvious character: Loki. Loki is famously bi, both in folklore and in the comics. So his inclusion on this list really shouldn’t be a surprise.

Loki has been confirmed as bi, in every canonical sense in the Marvel Universe. Add in his genderfluid nature, and you’ve got a god willing to fall for just about anyone. Yes, we know that Loki isn’t usually considered a hero, but he has his heroic moments from time to time, and they are very epic when they do occur.

9 Mystique

Mystique is another well-known character to come from Marvel, though perhaps fans didn’t know that she is also considered to be bi. For the longest time, it was merely something that fans were hoping was canon.

Now, it can essentially be considered exactly that. She had a relationship with Destiny, as well as getting married to Charles Xavier in secret and having a child fathered by Azazel. And really, that was only the beginning for her.

8 John Constantine

Next up on our list is John Constantine. Constantine is from the world of DC, and there’s no doubt in our minds that he is a bi character worth including on this list. This is a fact that has actually been confirmed by DC as well, so there’s a refreshing nature to be found there.

We have known for quite some time his willingness to date both men and women, a fact that has been shown in both the comics and in the Arrowverse portrayal of the character (and something we will hopefully see wherever he appears next).

7 Noh-Varr

Noh-Varr, also known as Marvel Boy, is a complicated character, and yet there are a few things we clearly know about him, such as the fact that he’s clearly attracted to both men and women. Noh-Varr has been a part of the Dark Avengers, the Young Avengers, the West Coast Avengers, and several other teams over the course of his years.

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He was famously dating Kate Bishop for a while, and later, he expressed some attraction towards her current boyfriend (who naturally returned the favor).

6 Prodigy

David Alleyne, also known as Prodigy, is another hero that must be included on this list. He was once the leader of the Young Avengers, as well as joining several other iconic teams in his history in Marvel. He’s also absolutely canonically bisexual, and we adore it.

His sexuality and feelings all came out at once when he confessed it all to Hulkling, the object of his affections.

5 Harper Row

Harper Row is a lesser-known hero, especially if you haven’t been religiously following Batman’s comics. She goes by the moniker Bluebird (as you may have guessed from the hair), and she is another hero who is delightfully bi.

The only sad thing about Harper being bi is that it hardly ever seems to come up. That means there aren’t any canon relationships for us to cheer for, though there are plenty of ships for which people are rooting to happen!

4 Mera

Mera may have ended up married to a man, but that does not change the fact that she is another hero on our list of bi superheroes. This is part of her identity that isn’t hidden, being a major part of who she is, even if it isn’t outright stated all of the time.

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All things considered, Mera is one lucky woman. She married the King of Atlantis and she shared a kiss with the one and only Wonder Woman as if fans needed more proof about her preferences!

3 Wonder Woman

No list of bi characters would be complete without including the lovely Diana, also known as Wonder Woman. Diana is canonically bisexual, and it was done in the most beautiful of ways. This is another character who fans long believed was bi, but only relatively recently did we have it confirmed.

When you think about it though, it makes complete sense. Especially given how and where she was raised. It also suits the character quite nicely, while giving us another hero to look up to.

2 Valkyrie

This is a fact that may be more commonly known if you watched the deleted scenes from Thor: Ragnarok. But the Valkyrie that Tessa Thompson portrays is, without a doubt, bi. The actress herself even confirmed as much.

Now fans can’t help but throw her into new and favorite ships, such as a potential one between her and Captain Marvel.

1 Tony Stark

Tony Stark is probably the easiest character to forget on your list of bi characters. After all, the guy is practically infamous for the way he chases women. While there’s no doubt that Tony does at times pursue women rather aggressively, we believe that he’s more open than that.

While no canon statements have ever been released, eagle-eyed fans can pick up on scenes (most famously from Superior Iron Man #8) where he leaves his bed, showing both men and women lounging within.

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