Author: Michael Dolce

As the header indicated the SIRE has been accepted into the Diamond Previews Catalog for books shipping in June 2006. That’s right, the SIRE will be available for order in your favorite local comic shops across the country! Now all you have to do is let your local store know this and hound he or she to order a bazillion copies. Or five. It’d be cool if they all ordered at least five. So get to work! Issue one will be in April’s volume of PREVIEWS catalog on page 218 and hits in June and will be released through After Hours Press. What’s that? Why, yes that IS the next announcement…

MIKEBOOKS Join Forces With AFTER SHOCK COMICS Hot off the heels of their critically acclaimed mini-series “7 Days To Fame” by Buddy Scalera, After Hours Press announced their new superhero imprint After Shock Comics will pair up with Mikebooks to release the SIRE. The book will be solicited through their imprint and co-publisher Darren Sanchez has signed on as editor to help steer the ship (with the ever popular Guido Fondoochi acting as assistant editor). Ironically it was another After Hours title, “Celestial Alliance,” released in 2002, that launched the career of current SIRE penciler Dan Leister.