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PODCAST | Oh it’s on! Avengers Endgame Final Four: Winter Solider vs Doctor Strange, Avengers vs Captain Marvel. Only one will walk away.

PLUS: We welcome best selling sci-fi author and entrepreneur Amanda Rose on to talk Fire Fury Freedom

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Segment 1

  1. Doctor Strange
  2. Avengers
  3. Winter Soldier
  4. Captain Marvel

Segment 3:

Amanda Rose

Amanda Rose Author

Segment 4: Spin The Racks!


Did the new The 2019 Star Wars Celebration kicks off on April 11, in Chicago, where many fans are hoping to get a look at the trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX, which will presumably have an official subtitle by then. Star Wars fans are chomping at the bit for anything new ahead of Episode IX’s theatrical bow later this year.

Recently, a supposedly leaked poster for the movie made its way to the subreddit Star Wars Leaks, where many subscribers claimed it was legit. One fan wanted to know what Mark Hamill — Luke Skywalker himself — thought about it. He obliged:

“I’m pretty sure that’s just the (wonderful) work of a passionate fan.” Case closed?

Most fans would take the wise Jedi Master at his word, but the Indie Revolver Twitter account stood its ground, whereupon Hamill turned up the shade meter:

C-3PO would look pretty silly toting around Chewbacca’s crossbow and bandolier, especially since the beloved Wookiee is on the poster as well…holding his crossbow and wearing his signature bandolier. But Indie Revolver would not be silenced, and reminded us all just how important they are to the world of breaking Star Wars news:

Of course, Hamill isn’t going to confirm any leak before Disney has had a chance to properly advertise it. Odds are we’ll have to wait until at least April 11 to be sure. Either way, take a lesson from Indie Revolver and don’t try and take on a Jedi Master with over three million Twitter followers unless you can provide proof to back up your statement.

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