Man that Batman V Superman was great wasn’t it? Between Wonder Woman’s surprise appearance and Doomsday catapulting out of a giant meteor thanks to Lex Luthor manipulating our heroes into that massive slugfest, this movie had it all!

What’s that? Shouldn’t I have labeled this post SPOILERS? Well, sure I would have…had the trailer for the film not already spoiled the movie for everyone already.

So, no, I haven’t actually SEEN Dawn of Justice yet, so I’m not 100% sure how everything goes down. But I’ve also seen enough thanks to the trailer and my knowledge of comic books to put the pieces together. Sure, there are probably more spoilers and cameos we haven’t heard of yet, but I gotta say, this disturbing trend of giving away all the twists and turns in the trailer has got to end.

Batman V Superman: Movie Trailer

It wasn’t long ago that Amazing Spider-Man 2 revealed Harry’s role as Green Goblin a good month before the film hit. And the big reveal that John Connor was the villain in Terminator: Genysis even took the director, Alan Taylor, himself by surprise. Or Chris Pratt driving alongside velociraptors en route to a massive Jurassic Park opening.

Maybe I’m wrong. According to an article featured on Entertainment Weekly last year, market research actually seems to argue the MORE we know, the more likely we are to see the film. But I have a feeling those stats are related to more obscure flicks and not FREAKING BATMAN VS SUPERMAN!!! That alone should be all you need to want to see this movie. (Same applies to Terminator too which would explain the sorry box office results I’d wager)

In this age of giving away the whole movie, all I can say is…Thank God for J.J. Abrams.

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