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Captain Marvel is arguably the most powerful hero in the Marvel Comics Universe. But, what happens when a superhero powerhouse gets an upgrade courtesy of the Green Lantern Corps? Artist Stephen Byrne (Wonder Twins) has illustrated an amazing piece of crossover art that sees Carol Danvers get a Power Ring of her own.

Byrne has been producing some incredible Marvel/DC Comics crossover pieces over the past month. He’s drawn fights fans dream of, including Batman trying to take down Wolverine, Wonder Woman lifting Mjolnir and becoming the new Thor, Superman destroying Iron Man, and Harley Quinn and Deadpool having a deadly game of cat and mouse. Byrne’s work is as close as we’ll probably ever get to a modern crossover between Marvel and DC. In his latest crossover, he imagined Carol Danvers becoming the new Green Lantern in a quite gruesome scene.

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On his Twitter account, Byrne posted a crossover where Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern comes face-to-face with Thanos. Unfortunately, he’s overpowered by the Mad Titan and is killed after being choked to death. Once he falls, his Power Ring searches for a new host, quickly finding one in Captain Marvel, who was also fighting Thanos. After the ring slides on her finger, she transforms into a badass Captain Marvel/Green Lantern hybrid, and wills some serious firepower on her new costume include a turret and what appears to be a rocket launcher.

The costume is a perfect blend of Captain Marvel’s original look with that of the Green Lantern Corps. She retains numerous elements from her old costume while borrowing some from Hal including a darker color scheme, a mask, and the Lantern logo on her chest. That logo is a blend of her old logo and the Lantern logo – it’s a pretty slick combination. Captain Marvel was already powerful enough to take on Thanos, but with a Power Ring giving her additional powers, it’s safe to assume she is one of the most powerful heroes in either comic book universe.

Captain Marvel would be borderline unstoppable with a Power Ring as well as her own dominant powers. While it’s sad in this piece that Hal had to die at the hands of Thanos, it led to one of the coolest Marvel/DC mashups ever imagined. Who wouldn’t want to read a series that featured Carol Danvers as a Captain Marvel/Green Lantern hybrid? It would be amazing.

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