SoS PODCAST Ep 21: My Wacky Week With A Real Housewife & Double Take Comics

I give you the behind-the-scenes of my wacky week that started at Wizard World Philadelphia, found me joining Ramona Singer, star of the Real Housewives Of New York, at Bravo Studios and finished up with Gabe Yocum, writer at Double Take Comics giving us the lowdown on Bill Jemas' new comic book company! Check out [...]

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This Week On SoS: My Adventures At Bravo TV & Double Take Comics Joins Us LIVE!

On this week's episode of Secrets of the Sire, I give you the behind-the-scenes of my exciting week! Ramona Singer, star of the Real Housewives Of New York, was gracious enough (along with her manager Lisa Taubes) to allow me the opportunity to work on some potential digital series at Bravo. I'll give you the [...]

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SoS PODCAST Ep 20: Hail Hydra? Haiiiiil NO! We Take On Hydra Cap

What better way to celebrate Memorial Day than by making Captain America a Nazi? Or as many keyboard muscles bound internet thugs like to believe, Nick Spencer’s decision to make Captain America a Nazi. But is it as controversial as people think? And if it's a gimmick - is that such a bad thing if [...]

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This Week On SoS: Hail Hydra? Say It Ain’t So Cap…Well, Maybe

Ok, unless you've been living under a rock you've heard about the controversial Nick Spencer written Hydra Captain America story that's been making waves throughout the industry. But is it as controversial as people think? And if it's a gimmick - is that such a bad thing if it gets people reading comics? Sure, the [...]

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SoS PODCAST Ep 19: Are We One Hashtag Away From Gay Captain America?

Captain America's had quite the week! On our latest episode of Secrets of the Sire we welcomed Social Media expert Brian Bish to discuss the impact hashtag campaigns like #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend and #GiveElsaAGirlfriend are having on our movies. Check out an excerpt from the podcast: "Which brings us to the latest movement on full display for [...]

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This Week On SoS: Is The World Ready For Gay Star Wars?

The world's gone gay! But what about a galaxy far, far away? With a recent rumored relationship between two prominent male Star Wars characters squashed by actor John Boyega, it begs the question: when, if ever will we see a gay romance portrayed in any prominent Disney owned superhero/sci-fi movie franchise? Recently, I wrote an [...]

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SoS PODCAST Ep 18: Can Ben Affleck & Geoff Johns Save The DC Movie Universe?

Ben Affleck & Geoff Johns now have prominent roles at the top of DC Films. But after ‘Batman V Superman’ bombed, can this Dynamic Duo undo the damage Zack Snyder has wrought? Or will Suicide Squad crash and burn come August? As always you can listen above or download us on iTunes and now Google [...]

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This Week On SoS: Can Ben Affleck & Geoff Johns Save The DC Movie Universe?

UPDATE: Just in time for tonight's show! Geoff Johns Atop DCEU After ‘Batman V Superman’ Bomb – Can He Undo Zack Snyder’s Damage? Read the full article here: Check out my latest article on Inquisitr about the moves Warner Bros. is making behind the scenes, anointing Ben Affleck as the new Executive Producer on [...]

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Billy Corgan, Free Speech And How PC America Is Leading Us Straight Into ‘1984’

Smashing Pumpkins' front man Billy Corgan made headlines this week for his so-called "rant" against Donald Trump protestors and Bernie Sanders supporters. And while anyone who actually watched his 30-minute appearance on Infowars would argue he was actually opening up the discussion on free speech in America, the Internet quickly cut-and-paste a few choice words [...]

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SoS PODCAST Ep 17: ‘Captain America: Civil War’: Our Spoiler Free Review

We break down Captain America: Civil War. We give our Spoiler-Free review - is this the best Marvelverse movie of all time? Where does Civil War rank among the Marvel movies to date? And how does it compare to DC's Batman v Superman? Is Civil War THAT much better? And what's the one common flaw [...]

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