Top 3 Reasons ‘Deadpool’ Killed At The Box Office

You can't win them all. Yes, this host went on this very blog (and internet radio and podcast) to predict doom and gloom for the Deadpool movie only to watch it set R-rated box office records. But enough dwelling on the past, here's WHY the Deadpool movie killed it this past weekend: 1) The Marketing [...]

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The Deadpool Movie Is Going To Flop…And It’s All YOUR Fault

Which new comic book movie in 2016 do you think is poised to become the next Guardians of the Galaxy? If you said the Deadpool movie you are absolutely, 100 percent...wrong! Wait what? It's got all the makings of a sleeper hit: a rabid fanbase, a lesser known character that populates a larger more popular [...]

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SoS PODCAST Ep 1: Diversity, OscarsSoWhite & Our Chris Cornell Interview

Our first Secrets of the Sire Podcast available now! Diversity is a hot button topic in Hollywood - most notably the latest online movement #OscarsSoWhite dominating the entertainment headlines. But are the politics behind the scenes actually taking away from the movies themselves? And is it the moviegoers responsibility to care? Click here to listen [...]

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