Wizard World Philadelphia 2013 Sketch Round-up

Just got in from Wizard World Philadelphia and boy is my brain fried. My hand hurts too from all the sketches. But who's complaining? Here is a round-up of some of the sketches done this weekend! Guy Gardner Micro Flash Spidey Lightray (No, Really) Superman (Warmup Sketch) Wolverine

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News, Reviews & More

Taking a moment to dish on some of the comics out there keeping me warm this holiday season while I'm hard at work on new issues of The Sire, the Sire App, and our daily web comic stream that's coming soon! Amazing Spider-Man Dan Slott is making me jealous. No really, for years I lay [...]

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Secrets of the Sire #11: Sire #7 Off To The Presses!

Happy New Year Everyone! As I write this, I'm putting the final touches on the all-new Sire #7 before I send it off to the printer. To say this is a long time coming is an understatement, and I appreciate everyone's patience and support in getting this new issue completed. (Subsequently, all pre-orders will be [...]

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Blogging while drunk

It's not quite as dangerous as driving...but it's close... No but seriously, I'm watching this god awful Thursday night game (f'real why is Jacksonville on national TV again???) And I'm thinking and blogging and tweeting. The comic book industry is changing much like the music industry has already. I can't help but remember the convention [...]

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Using References in Comics

For those of us not blessed with the artistic prowess of Jim Lee, we need to resort to little tricks of the trade to make our stuff look...well, professional. Namely: reference. I can spot a million miles away an artist that is either not using reference or using other comic books art AS reference. It [...]

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The Pipeline: Brand New Bubba Pin-Up

This is a Bubba: The Redneck Werewolf pin-up I colored over Dan Leister artwork. The piece itself is about 5 years old so be kind to Dan. I, on the other hand, took 5 years to color it. I'm worse than Joe Mad!

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Secrets of the Sire Blog: issue Seven, Page 2

I will be showing you start to finish page 2 of the upcoming Sire #7 drawn by yours truly! It's the first Sire art I've personally worked on in 4 years (besides sketches) Hope you like what you see. The empty panels will be filled with artwork from previous issues as the story opens with [...]

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Secrets of the Sire Blog: New Updates

We're getting closer and closer to the Sire's return. As it stands I want to get this right before launching anything and July 1st is closing fast. Will we get this launched in time? Can't say for sure. What I can say is a whole crew of talented artists are working on bringing this to [...]

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Secrets of the Sire Blog: Sire 7 New Page

Just a little tease on a Sunday night. Fresh off the hard drive, Sire #7, page #4. Drawn by Michael Bencic w/colors by yours truly. Who's the mystery villain? Well come back here this Wednesday to sink your teeth into the new issue of The Sire! Featuring a kick ass cover drawn by an industry [...]

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Secrets of the Sire: Sire #7 Blog Entry 2.0

So with the return of The Sire less than 2 months away I can't help but talk about how excited at how it's coming together... I recently picked up two trades from my local comic store (comicswarehouse.com) that were instrumental in the development of my early inspirations in comics: The Todd McFarlane Spider-Man Legends Trades. [...]

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