Got some great responses to our latest blogs! Here are just a few snippets from social media on the topic of print vs. digital and what retailers must do to survive:

Stacy Korn from Comic Fusion – another fantastic store in New Jersey had this to say on some of the suggestion posted:

To serve alcohol you have to have a liquor license. Not always easy to get. I think the key is to not have all your eggs in one basket. T-Shirts, Action Figures, Statues and games are all good sellers for us in addition to comics. I see Trades as a more viable print option long term. Single issues will die out or just move online. My current customers are die hard buy the issues types, but those will thin out over time. Gaming is thriving now that we have the space.

We are trying to work out a kids art class with the local business here in Turntable Jct as well. I am a big believer in promoting other local businesses. It works out for both of us.

My Response: Good stuff Stacy! Gaming is a HUGE draw and worth it. It’s that kind of thinking that keeps stores like yours going while others fade away. And as for incorporating other businesses, networking is the best way to grow.

Victor Dandridge, president of Vantage InHouse posted:

My Response:
Good to hear! Some might have found my suggestions to be too extreme, but it looks like I’m not alone! Ok folks, more follow up in this Friday’s blog. Cheers!

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