Hey folks, welcome back to Secrets of the Sire! Got a lot of great feedback from the topic of print vs digital, what comic book stores must do to survive and finally comic books stores: should they serve alcohol. For the final note on this debate, I’d like to give a shot out to @LyriaExchange for the great exchange on Twitter recently. Here’s a look at what we had to say on the matter of local comic shops (LCS) bringing artists in or even serving Starbucks:

So what do you think Internet? Would transforming local comic stores into Barnes and Noble type places get you to go? What about offering a venue for local artists and students to show off their digs? Drop me a line @Michael_Dolce. And don’t forget! The Sire #4 is available for download on Comixology NOW!

You can download the whole series here: https://www.comixology.com/The-Sire/comics-series/10515

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