You always remember your first time…breaking into comics that is!

That’s the theme this week as we tackle that always elusive, never tired topic of breaking into comics. It’s what I get asked about most at comic conventions and I’ve been behind a booth or table for 15 years now (yikes! time flies!)

At the end of the day, there are COUNTLESS ways to break in and the comics industry is full of great stories from professionals on how they made it.

Gail Simone of Birds of Prey, Deadpool and Leaving Megalopolis fame (an awesome book co-created with Jim Calafiore) recounted her first big break at CrossGen comics.

Talent Caldwell of Aspen, DC and Wildstorm fame emailed me about the very first page he laid a pencil to professionally:

“My first job in comics was as a pencil assistant for artist Michael Turner back in 2000, during his time at ‘Top Cow’.  January 12th, 2000 to be exact.  Page 1 of FATHOM issue #11 to be even more exact.”

Talent Caldwell on Breaking Into Comics

Finally, Zenescope editor/writer Pat Shand of Robyn Hood, Grimms Fairy Tales & Charmed fame first dropped ink on IDW’s ANGEL – YEARBOOK before moving over to Zenescope and penning a host of comics as a full-time staff writer.

Wanna learn more? We chat with Mr. Shand this Friday about the path he took to break into comics and get his take on what you should do the same (minus any restraining orders). We also find out some of your favorite creators’ most memorable moments in the biz.

Tune in Friday 11am EST on Talking Alternative. Or log into my Periscope handle @Michael_Dolce to live stream and chat with us then.

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PAT SHAND writes comics (Robyn Hood, Hellchild, Family Pets), novels (Charmed for HarperCollins), and pop culture journalism (Sad Girls Guide, Blastoff Comics). He lives in New York with his partner Amy and their zoo of cats. You can find him online @PatShand.