PODCAST | #Comicsgate heats up as Marvel E-I-C Joe Quesada engages directly with the fans on Twitter. Did his intervention pay off?

PLUS: Iron Fist Season 2 Is Here! We break down the new season 2 with its Emmy-nominated composer Robert Lydecker and explore how he got into working on TV shows, Films and Video Games like Designated Survivor, Avengers Age of Ultron and More!

FINALLY: Henry Cavill is OUT as Superman as we go spinning the racks!

Segment 1

Michael and Hassan begin tonight’s show by speaking about the effects of #ComicsGate. They weigh in on Joe Quesada’s recent tweets about #ComicsGate.  Michael argues that it is similar to a school shooting in that the people involved are the most outrageous thing for attention. Hassan disagrees and says that they could’ve reached their goal without being as inflammatory. Michael ends this segment by stating that there is one more thing he needs to discuss about #ComicsGate.

Segment 2

Michael and Hassan revisit their discussion from last week on Alterna Comics and their involvement in #ComicsGate. Hassan argues that #ComicsGate is based on sensationalism as opposed to real interest. He uses Marvel as an example stating that many people go and see Marvel because of Marvel’s brand and the hype. In the same way, #ComicsGate has drawn much attention in the zeitgeist recently. They then review season 2 of Iron Fist, listing their likes and dislikes about the show. Both of our hosts agree that everyone ripped apart Season 1 of Iron Fist, while the general consensus seems to agree that Iron Fist Season 2 is great.

Segment 3

In this segment, our hosts bring on the Emmy-nominated composer from Iron Fist, Robert Lydecker. They ask him how he “got here” in terms of his career. He speaks about his interest in acting as a child and his creative exposure to a lot of different things. When he got a computer, he figured out how to write music. He later studied music at USC and worked with different composers including Brian Tyler with whom he felt blessed to work. They talk to him about the process of movie scoring and how he matches music to characters and scenes. Lydecker talks about creating music from the second season as opposed to starting from season 1. He also discusses his favorite scene to score in Iron Fist Season 2!

Segment 4

Spinning The Racks: Henry Cavill out as Superman? Will Dave Bautista drop out as Drax for Guardians of The Galaxy 3? Are Warner Bros. trying to move on from the Zack Snyder universe?  They discuss where Warner Bros. will go from here.

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