Ep 136 Captain Marvel Trailer Truth or Trash, Fall DC Preview, Christy Romano Interview

PODCAST | Is the Captain Marvel Trailer: Truth or Trash? We give you OUR take on the explosive new entry to the Marvel Universe. (Did she just punch an old lady??)

PLUS: Who’s the most powerful hero in the DC Universe? We pit the CW shows against each other (Legends too) in a series of contests to determine a winnah as we preview the Fall DC lineup

AND: We welcome Christy Carlson Romano on to talk growing up a child star, her time with Kim Possible and her new role on Big Hero 6!

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Segment 1

Michael and Hassan begin tonight’s show by discussing the newly released Captain Marvel trailer. They discuss Sam Jackson’s look as young Nick Fury, Blockbuster, 90s nostalgia, and Captain Marvel punching the old lady on the bus. Hassan and Michael debate why the bus scene was included in the trailer and how it will play out in the movie. Our hosts conclude the trailer is truth not trash, placing their faith in the MCU given the past decade of brand building and box office success.

Segment 2

Hassan and Michael judge the DC superheroes on CW to determine the best DC hero on TV. Our hosts are joined by Andrew Lovuolo of GI Studios as they break down costume, abilities, personality, storyline, and weaknesses for each hero. They debate the best and worst characteristics of each hero.. Andrew provides an update on all his projects and where readers can find him. Michael and Hassan provide their verdict on which DC hero is the best on TV.

Segment 3

In this segment, our hosts bring on the Emmy-nominated composer from Iron Fist, Robert Lydecker. They ask him how he “got here” in terms of his career. He speaks about his interest in acting as a child and his creative exposure to a lot of different things. When he got a computer, he figured out how to write music. He later studied music at USC and worked with different composers including Brian Tyler with whom he felt blessed to work. They talk to him about the process of movie scoring and how he matches music to characters and scenes. Lydecker talks about creating music from the second season as opposed to starting from season 1. He also discusses his favorite scene to score in Iron Fist Season 2!

Segment 4

Spinning The Racks: Henry Cavill out as Superman? Will Dave Bautista drop out as Drax for Guardians of The Galaxy 3? Are Warner Bros. trying to move on from the Zack Snyder universe?  They discuss where Warner Bros. will go from here.

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NEXT WEEK:  Thomas Ian Nicholas of American Pie fame drops in as we continue our Fall TV Preview!

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