PODCAST | Ep 141: Holy Hornhead! Did you binge Daredevil Season 3?? We did! And we’ll go through every dark delicious episode for Easter Eggs, Tasty Nuggets and more in our full on REVIEW

PLUS: We play the percentages when we debate the FUTURE OF THE MARVEL NETFLIX U in our always fun segment WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

AND: Want to know how to Train Your Dragon? Ask Richard Hamilton, author of the Graphic Novel adaptations for Dark Horse Comics and creator of the new GN “Scoop”

Daredevil Season 3 Reactions

Segment 1:

Michael and Hassan begin tonight’s show discussing the state of the Marvel Netflix Universe in light of the recent Iron Fist and Luke Cage cancellations. They weigh in on the Disney streaming services and speculate Disney’s plan for future Marvel shows. They play Over, Under, Push debating the odds on various topics: Will a Punisher film come out?, Will Jessica Jones season 3 begin filming? Will Luke Cage and Iron Fist return in new show?

Segment 2:

Hassan and Michael review Daredevil Season 3. They compare strengths and weaknesses of the show against past seasons. Hassan shares his thoughts on the pacing and the character development throughout the season. Michael brings up the the new villains introduced during Season 3 and why he doesn’t like seeing some superheroes on screen.

Segment 3:

Michael elaborates on why he finds some shows lose sight of the original character in the comics. Richard Hamilton joins the show to talk about his work on Troll Hunters and How To Train Your Dragon. Richard shares how his comic, Scoop, is inspired by his Cuban heritage and experience interning with CNN in college. Hassan, Michael, and Richard discuss how comics have become more rooted in nonfiction and moved away from superheroes.

Segment 4:

Michael and Hassan review listener reactions to Daredevil Season 3. Spinning The Racks: Wonder Woman Sequel Release Date Pushed Back. Hassan revisits how Netflix Marvel shows sometimes fall short in comparison to Marvel movies. Michael weighs in on expectations for upcoming DC films. The show ends on a light note with the story of Cops in England searching for Ross from Friends look alike.

Wonder Woman 1984

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