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PODCAST | Wakanda For…Best Picture? What the SAG win means for their chances of taking home the Oscar (Take That Bill Maher!)

PLUS: Our Brutally Honest Punisher Season 2 Review: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

With Tia and Kelly from Geek Vibes Nation and Marvel’s Darren Sanchez in studio!

Segment 1

Does Black Panther SAG Win Mean Best Picture Is Coming? Although “Black Panther” wasn’t nominated for any individual SAG Awards, it took home the final award at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The win puts “Black Panther” squarely in contention for best picture at the Academy Awards where it’s nominated for seven honors including best picture. Actors make up the largest percentage of the academy, so their preferences can have an especially large impact on the Oscar race. In the last decade the SAG ensemble winner has gone on to win best picture at the Academy Awards half of the time.

Segment 2& 3: Punisher Season 2 Review

Hassan and Michael review Punisher Season 2 with their guests. Michael shares where he thought the plot or characters failed to deliver. Tia offers why she liked Season 2 better than the first season. Kelly gives her reasons for disliking Madani as a character. Darren notes how Netflix’s approach to writing Marvel series has led to filler episodes or uninteresting subplots. Hassan discusses how The Punisher was probably the best Marvel TV series, but it suffered from being somewhat repetitive.

he Punisher discussion continues as the guests wonder whether Punisher was hindered by the way the character was developed. They go over the worst scenes in the season and consider whether the writers tried to humanize Punisher too much instead of letting the character be as violent as he is in the comics. Tia brings up the moments in Season 2 that made her cry. They conclude Punisher Season 2 fell short of expectations.

Segment 4

To finish off the Punisher discussion, the group discusses if Jon Bernthal would be good as the next Wolverine. In Spinning The Racks: Michael, Hassan, and their guests discuss Bill Maher’s recent essay on Stan Lee and comic book culture. They share their disagreements with Bill Maher’s essay about the comics and their importance in culture. Darren shares how comics are often a connection to friends and family and you don’t have to grow up or give up on these interests.



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