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PODCAST | Endgame! It’s all anyone’s talking about! BUT… who lives? Who dies (for real this time) – we give you our Predictions Sure To Go Wrong!

PLUS: In between this Endgame madness there’s a TV show no one’s talking about (yeah right!) We break down the first two episodes of Game of Thrones and it’s connection to the MCU.

AND: We go spinning the racks with Newsarama’s Chris Arrant who brings us the Endgame tie-in books we need to read!

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Segment 1: Avengers Endgame Predictions Sure To Go Wrong

Last Year we predicted who would live or die in Infinity War… were we only ONE movie off? Endgame Predictions Sure To Go Wrong!

Segment 2: Game of Thrones Recap

Is Dany’s blood magical? Is Barry worth watching? We break down GoT!


Segment 3: Spin The Racks

Chris Arrant Breaks down the Endgame Tie-Ins from the comic book world

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NEXT WEEK: We welcome Newsarama’s Chris Arrant to help us preview the event of the century! Avengers Endgame hysteria starts NOW!