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PODCAST | Fans are still feeling the ripple of the Avengers: Endgame, but does the Blu-Ray Stack up? Plus: We kick off our Marvel Phase 4 coverage with Dr. Strange and the Multiverse: Is the villain someone we all know?

AND: We welcome ‘Thumbs’ creator Sean Lewis to talk about his hit Image Comic.

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Segment 1: Avengers Endgame Blu-Ray Review

https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2019/08/09/avengers-endgame-4k- blu-ray-review-not-quite-the-disc-fans-deserve/#79fade84646a

Photo: Avengers: Endgame, Disney/Marvel

Release details

What you get: Region-free 4K Blu-ray disc, Region A/B/C HD Blu-ray,

Region A/B/C bonus feature Blu-ray

Extra Features: Featurettes on Iron Man’s movie legacy, Captain America’s movie legacy, Black Widow’s movie legacy, Stan Lee’s movie legacy, the Russo Brothers journey to Endgame, and the women of the MCU; six deleted scenes; gag reel; director and writer commentary track

Our Take: Forget the techie details, this is all about whether or not this film holds up. For me, it never did to begin with. Give me Infinity War any day of the week, Endgame isn’t even in my top 10. – Mike

Segment 2: Doctor Strange 2 Theory: Scarlet Witch IS The Multiverse Madness

Scarlet Witch’s vast powers came at a terrible cost. As Doctor Strange noted in Avengers #503, Wanda possessed abilities that she had neither earned nor understood. “Can you understand the delicate mindset of a woman, a person, who has control over reality,” he asked the Avengers. “It means reality controls her.

Spotlight: Sean Lewis


Sean Lewis


I am the writer of THUMBS, COYOTES, THE FEW and SAINTS (Image Comics) and BETROTHED and CLANKILLERS (Aftershock Comics). I also contributed to DEATH BY DESIGN: A tribute to Megadeth from Heavy Metal. Prior tot hat, I was an award winning and internationally produced playwright.




It would make worse radio but better life to hav eless hot takes. Epstein was murdered.


@seanchrislewis on twitter @seanlewis6026 on Instagram

https://www.cbr.com/marvel-comics-1000-cb- cebulski-interview/

Taking you INSIDE the source material for your favorite films.

Marvel Comics’ 80th anniversary has been (like most publisher anniversaries) an opportunity to put more comics on the stands. But unlike past celebrations of the Marvel line, this year’s milestone efforts extend beyond the traditional anthology format projects Marvel Editor-in-Chief CB Cebulski explained the approach to the comics focusing on eight decades of the House of Ideas by tying them to his general editorial approach for Marvel in the here and now.

“We were figuring out how to celebrate the 80th anniversary. Going back to [that idea of] ‘Look back to the past to respect the future,'” told CBR at Comic-Con International.

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NEXT WEEK:  We dive deeper into Marvel Phase 4: What to expect from The Eternals, Blade, Thor 4 and more.

PLUS: Sean Lewis From The Hit Image ‘Thumbs’ Stops By To Chat About His Indie Experience.