PODCAST | We dive deep into the rumored “JJ Abrams Cut” – Did Disney’s meddling sink the #StarWars ship for good? #releasetheJJcut

PLUS: Hey! We got a #NewMutantstrailer! And it looks… good? Trailer Truth or Trash tonight!

AND: We SPIN the 2020 Movie RACKS! What will be top earner this year? Best Comic Book/Sci-Fi pic? Predictions sure to wrong!

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Release the JJ Cut

Opening Credits

  1. Golden Globes: Joaquin Phoenix
    Ricky Gervais: His kind of speech five years ago wouldn’t make news, but today it’s “offensive” and it’s also taken from the right
  2. Beta Ray Bill: Christian Bale

Segment 1: Release the JJ Cut


Here’s what I’ve been told from a source that worked on TROS.

Since shortly after release weekend, I’ve been corresponding with someone who worked closely on the production of TROS and works for one of the major companies I cannot disclose here. I have verified the source to my satisfaction. To protect the source, I am rewording what we spoke about over the last two weeks and am submitting it to you in bullet point format I have written based on what they told me. The TLDR is that they were upset with the final product of TROS and wanted to share their perspective on how it went down and where it went wrong.

New Mutants Trailer Review

Segment 2: New Mutants Trailer


The latest trailer for The New Mutants solidifies that the film will draw heavily from Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz’s classic Marvel Comics storyline “The Demon Bear Saga.” However, the footage may also reference one of the X-Men’s biggest foes: Nathaniel Essex, better known as Mister Sinister.

Although the name of the hospital in which The New Mutants is set isn’t mentioned in the trailer, faded writing above the main entrance appears to read “Milbury Hospital,” and places the date of the institution’s founding as sometime in the late 1800s. If that’s what indeed is written on the glass, this could have some major repercussions for The New Mutants, as both the name Milbury and the 1800s hold major significance for Mister Sinister.

Segment 3: Spin The 2020 Movie Racks

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