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Back in February, IDW announced Sea of Sorrows, a new series from Rich Douek & Alex Cormack, the creative team behind another IDW series, Road of Bones. Originally planned for release in May, Sea of Sorrows was delayed by the pandemic and subsequent shutdown/slowdown of the comics industry. This week, though, the first issue of the series finally arrives in stores, and IDW has provided The Beat with an exclusive preview of Sea of Sorrows #1. 

The pages feature a crew of undersea scavengers fending off a shark attack, and making a startling discovery, and if the look and feel of these pages are any indication this series is going to be intense and beautiful to look at. Check out the exclusive three-page preview of Sea of Sorrows #1, as well as a trio of the issue’s covers, below. The first installment of the five-issue miniseries is set to arrive in stores and digitally this Wednesday, November 18th.

Written by Rich Douek
Illustrated by Alex Cormack
Lettered by Justin Birch

In the aftermath of the Great War, the North Atlantic is ripe for plunder by independent salvage crews. When a former naval officer hires the SS Vagabond, he leads the ship to a sunken U-boat, and a fortune in gold. Tensions mount as the crew prepares to double cross each other, but the darkness of the ocean floor holds deeper terrors than any of them have bargained for!

Sea of Sorrows #1 P5Sea of Sorrows #1 P6 Sea of Sorrows #1 P7Sea of Sorrows #1

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