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Justice League was considered by many to be one of the biggest movie disappointments of all time. Despite being a film that contained DC Comics’ trinity of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, as well as the Flash, Aquaman, and cyborg, the film failed at both the box office and among critics.

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Many blamed the chaotic production, with Zack Snyder having to stop work on the film due to a family tragedy. Warner Bros brought in Joss Whedon to complete the production, but several reshoots were made, leading to a mismatched end product. Rumors of a ‘Snyder cut’ of the film persisted for several years before it was confirmed that Snyder’s version of the film would be released on HBO Max in 2021.

10 Want: Cyborg Backstory

Cyborg is far from the most recognizable character in Justice League. The character was included instead of more recognizable characters such as Green Lantern. That being said, the theatrical cut of the film didn’t layer Cyborg with character development or any memorable stories.

However, Zack Snyder has said that his original vision for Cyborg was entirely different than what was released in the movie. Hopefully, this gives Cyborg the memorable story and character depth fans want.

9 Don’t: Style Over Substance

Zack Snyder’s films are always very fun to watch. Perhaps this is why the director is often chosen to direct comic book movies, with Snyder having directed adaptions of 300Watchmen, and the DCEU.

However, despite how stylish Snyder’s films are, many have taken issue with his films featuring style over substance, particularly with Batman V SupermanHopefully, the Snyder cut of Justice League is different.

8 Want: The Flash/ Time Travel Story

The MCU’s overarching plot thread was Thanos and his search for the infinity stones, ultimately resulting in conflict between the Mad Titan and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The DCEU version of this appeared to be more subtle (or intrusive depending on who you asked), with the Flash appearing to Bruce Wayne with a cryptic warning of the future and Bruce experiencing a dystopian dream sequence.

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However, Justice League didn’t further any of this plot. While Steppenwolf’s appearance hinted at Darkseid’s appearance later, it didn’t do anything to further the plot. Hopefully the Snyder cut improves upon this.

7 Don’t: Forced Humor

One of the main criticisms of the DCEU had been the distinct lack of humor in the universe, with every movie being seen as dour and gritty, perhaps in an effort to replicate the success of Christopher Nolan’s Batman.

Perhaps for this reason, Justice League had several moments were humor appeared to be thrown in for the sake of it. While humor can add to the plot, it needs to be handled more carefully.

6 Want: More Heroes

There were always rumors that more heroes were set to appear in Justice League, with Zack Snyder teasing the appearance of Martian Manhunter since his first film in the DCEU, Man of Steel.

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However, maybe due to his exit, no more heroes appeared in the film. There are rumors online that Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern were set to appear, but confirmation of this will have to wait.

5 Don’t: Weak Dilemma

While many criticized the villain of the piece, another main criticism of Justice League was the weak conclusion, with many believing that the stakes were never high enough for a film that was supposed to bring the Justice League together.

As a result of the low stakes, there was very little tension in the final moments of the film. Hopefully, the Snyder cut will be able to remedy this.

4 Want: Steppenwolf’s Personality

Despite being played by the incredible Ciaran Hinds, Justice League failed to imbue any sense of individuality to Steppenwolf. Instead, the villain just appeared to be another grey CGI villain for the heroes to beat into a pulp at the end of the film.

Hopefully the Snyder cut will allow Steppenwolf to actually make himself a memorable villain. A superhero is only as good as the villains they fight, so improving Steppenwolf could seriously improve the film.

3 Don’t: Prioritize Action Over Character

One of the main issues with Justice League was that the film didn’t develop the characters of the heroes enough. While enough is known about Batman to understand his character and Wonder Woman recently had her own solo film, the other characters received little character development.

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As a result, the audience didn’t really care about the characters. In the Snyder cut, more time needs to be set aside for the audience to connect with the characters in the Justice League.

2 Want: Darkseid

If Thanos is the biggest villain in the Marvel Universe, then Darkseid is the biggest villain in the DC Universe. His exclusion from the Justice League movie was one of the biggest issues among fans of DC.

There are rumors that the character is set to appear in the Snyder cut, so hopefully Darkseid finally makes his appearance on the big screen.

1 Don’t: Aimless CGI Action

Perhaps the biggest criticisms of the DCEU has been its overuse of CGI. Aside from the hilarious edits made to remove Henry Cavill’s mustache, this criticism was largely leveled at grey villains.

These soulless, grey CGI creations appeared in several DCEU movies and represent an unimaginative ending to the films. Hopefully, the Snyder cut will remedy this.

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