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Out of all the Marvel franchises, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy remains one of the fans’ all-time favorites. Although the third installment wasn’t as successful as it’s predecessors, fans still enjoy it for its awesome fight sequences and the easter eggs. In fact, fans should just rewatch the whole trilogy again for those easter eggs alone.

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…Because with nearly seven hours worth of footage (not even including deleted scenes), there will be a lot of them that you might not have noticed before. Want some examples? From hidden film references to other villain cameos, keep reading to discover 10 easter eggs and hidden details littered throughout Maguire’s trilogy.

10 Bruce Campbell Cameos (1, 2 & 3)

Throughout the three films, fans might have noticed that Bruce Campbell made several cameo appearances. In the first film, he was a ring announcer. The second one saw him cast as the theater usher and the third saw him become a French Maître d’.

Fans may also recognize his voice from the Spider-Man video games, with Campbell narrating all the tutorial levels. If fans are wondering how he managed to acquire three cameos, it’s simply because Raimi and Campbell are good friends and have worked together on numerous projects.

9 Green Goblin Drops Mary-Jane (1)

When it came to the final showdown between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, did anyone else notice how Raimi made a parallel to “The Night Gwen Stacy Died?” As many know from The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, Gwen Stacy is killed after being caught in the crossfire of Spider-Man’s feud with the Green Goblin.

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Fortunately, in Raimi’s version, Spider-Man manages to save MJ and the school kids. However, Raimi decides not to change the ending of that story as Norman still ends up impaled by his own glider.

8 The Amateur Wrestling Competition (1)

Does anyone remember the promotional wrestling event found in the first film? The one where Peter participated in a cage match so he could win $3000 and buy a car? This wasn’t some random subplot Raimi decided to include. In fact, it was a direct reference to Spider-Man’s comic debut.

In Amazing Fantasy #15, Spider-Man’s first story saw Peter participate in an amateur wrestling competition. As the film demonstrates, Raimi stays true to the comic’s story, with Peter letting the thief escape and chasing him down after he killed uncle Ben. This was also where the “with great power comes great responsibility” line originated from.

7 The Beyond Reference (1)


In Spider-Man, Raimi is seen to make several puns and references about the arachnids. Eagle eyed-fans managed to spot the Alfa Romeo Spider car, the Bugle’s spider-punned headlines, and a pest control billboard. However, not many people seem to be aware of Raimi’s reference to the horror film, The Beyond (1981).

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During Peter’s transformation scene, fans will remember a silhouette of a spider flash on-screen, which Raimi had taken from The Beyond. Since a man is bitten to death by the arachnids in that film, there’s a possibility that this could be symbolic of Peter’s subconscious and fears.

6 The Special Effects Director Is Referenced  (2)

While Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst get high praise from fans for bringing their favorite characters to life, sometimes we forget to credit those working behind the scenes. However, Raimi makes sure the fans are aware of the hard work the special effects director put into Spider-Man when he sneaks his name into the film.

Wondering where it is? Well, if fans go to the moment where Peter spots Mary-Jane waiting for her boyfriend, they’ll spot several theater posters on the wall. On one of them, it says “J. Frazier is especially effective” – which is a nod to John Frazier, whose contributions to the film went on to win an Oscar.

5 Joe’s Pizza & The Phone Number (2)

Although not many people realize this but Peter’s job as a delivery boy in Spider-Man 2 is an easter egg in itself. Has anyone wondered why Raimi focused so much on the sticker on Peter’s helmet? It turns out that he was giving free advertising out as the pizzeria actually exists.

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If someone tries to call the number on the sticker, they would get through to Joe’s pizzeria. This is an establishment that is located in Greenwich Village and is known for serving some of the best pizza slices in NYC.

4 Carnage And Snapdragon Reference (2)

In Spider-Man 2, Raimi made another reference to the comics when he included the names of two other Marvel villains. Remember the scene where Peter is on his way to Mary-Jane’s play and he picks up some flowers? If fans take a look at the cards, they’ll see he has a choice between “carnations” and “snapdragons.”

Raimi intentionally chose these two flowers because they referred to the comic villains, Carnage and Snapdragon. Both characters have yet to make their debut appearance on-screen but that seems to be changing with Venom 2.

3 Mary Jane Picture (2 & 3)

One of the best things about Spider-Man 3 is how Raimi incorporates little easter eggs from his other installments. Most of which can be found in Peter’s apartment. For instance, if fans take a look at the pictures on Peter’s desk, they would be able to spot two pictures of Mary-Jane.

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If fans inspect these photographs, they will recognize that these are the stills Peter took when they visited the laboratory. Since this was the last film, it’s nice that Raimi is reminding fans of how far the story has come.

2 Flash’s Appearance At Harry’s Funeral (3)

As everyone knows, Spider-Man 3 ended on a morose note. Peter’s life was at a crossroads, his best friend died and his relationship with Mary-Jane was hanging by a thread. For those final ten minutes, fans had to take a lot of information in – which is probably why most missed a cameo appearance from Joe Manganiello.

Fans will remember that Manganiello was cast as Flash Thompson, the notorious bully who tormented Peter and Harry when they were in high school. Raimi seems to imply that Harry and Flash must have reconnected at some point since he is seen attending Harry’s funeral.

1 Lizard Skeleton In Curtis’ Office (3)

Although Dr. Curt Connors didn’t have a major role in Raimi’s trilogy, that didn’t mean his character’s alter-ego wasn’t referenced. For fans to find this reference, they would have to go back to Spider-Man 3 to the point where Connors is seen investigating the substance.

As Connors calls Peter to tell him of the parasite’s influence and the ramifications, fans should take a look at his laboratory. If they look in the background, they will be able to see a reptile’s skeleton, which is a reference to Connors’ alter-ego and the Spidey supervillain, The Lizard.

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