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EP 208: Birds of Prey Flops, Joker Scores Oscar Gold and The Irishman’s Matt Walton

February 12th, 2020|

PODCAST | Joker takes home Oscar Gold! (Well one anyway) ... Birds of Prey flops – but not because it wasn't sexy enough! (It just wasn't very good) ... And we welcome The Irishman’s Matt Walton to talk working with Pacino and Scorcese, his new film The Misogynists and Bitcoin!

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Recap: HIS DARK MATERIALS S2E3 — “Theft”

December 1st, 2020|

An aeronaut captured, an alethiometer stolen, and Paddington watched! His Dark Materials S2E3 brought Lin Manuel Miranda‘s Lee Scoresby back onto our screens while Lyra and Will come into contact with a new enemy and a challenging bargain is struck. After meeting Mary Malone in last week’s episode, Lyra is more than eager to return back to see Mary and […] The post Recap: HIS DARK MATERIALS S2E3 — “Theft” appeared first on The Beat.

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