On this week’s Secrets of the Sire #podcast: Think Deadpool was an homage to DC’s Deathstroke? THINK AGAIN! Co-Creator Fabian Nicieza gets fired up on this week’s podcast!

PLUS: Sad Ben Affleck may have sunk DC Films. We give you our take on him stepping down from “The Batman”

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Fabian Nicieza been a writer in the entertainment industry for 30 years with over 1,000 comics written and 100 million copies sold. From Superman to Spider-Man, Buffy to Barbie, he’s worked on hundreds of established properties.

He co-created Deadpool for Marvel and developed the Hot Wheels World Race brand extension for Mattel.

The majority of his work now is with Starlight Runner Entertainment, working on intellectual property management and brand narrative extensions for movie studios, video game and toy companies, international product brands and government institutions.

I am of the opinion that we all have too many opinions and are mostly interested in only hearing our own.


Twitter: @fabiannicieza

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