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Today’s Small Press Spotlight installment centers on Comic Distro’s latest announcement about its distribution partnership with Argentinian comic book publisher UMC Comics. The deal will ensure that its Latin American titles are sold directly to stores.

UMC Comics is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded in 2013 and based in Buenos Aires, featuring Latin American superheroes such as Sol de Plata, DarkCat, Xero, Lagarto Negro, and many more. The partnership with Comic Distro will begin with original titles Chronology Xero, Warriors of Tomorrow, Darkcat, and Silver Sun.

Comic Distro

One of the biggest benefits of working with Comic Distro is that publishers have a direct distribution line to retailers to ensure books make it to shelves. Not only is it great for smaller publishers, but it also offers readers more variety in their book options.

To learn more about Comic Distro, head here. For more on UMC, visit their website.

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