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Welcome to Small Press Spotlight! Here we will feature comics and graphic novels from independent publishers across the country (maybe world?!) that are churning out exciting titles you may not know about just yet. Take a look at this week’s entries below!

Small PressLeave on the Light (Second Sight Publishing) is currently slated for a March 2021 release. The book is a horror graphic novel that collects the three-issue miniseries originally published by Antarctic Press. Written by Bradley Golden and George Aguilar, art is by Alex Sarabia, Adam Fields, and Stan Yak. Cover art is by Oscar Pinto. Read the solicit info below:

Leave on the Light is a supernatural/horror thriller about a notorious serial killer who murdered and terrorized a suburban New York community.  He was later caught and sentenced to death, but he didn’t stay dead. Upon his execution, his spirit was released into the jail electric system causing him to continue his reign of terror from beyond the grave! In shops on March 03, 2021.

small pressAnother entry to look for from the same publisher is Lyaxia, a mythological realm that borrows from a variety of pantheons. Written by Aron Pohara, interiors are by Andi Baquerizo, and the cover is from Kenneth Rocafort. Solicits are below.

Welcome to the world of Nexus. World of gods from different mythologies! Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Roman gods living together! Join Chronos Deimos and Chronos two twin royal brothers, while they try to find where they belong on this realm! What their destiny is! In the first issue a coup in the capital of the gods (Titaan) a coup against twins is underway and a mysterious figure comes onto the scene that is attempting to guide one of the twins toward his destiny! In shops March 03, 2021.


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