On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire we welcome Political Cartoonist Randy Bish to talk the greatest pop culture reality show on the planet: Election 2016! Will we actually vote Trump into office??

PLUS: Deadpool 2 is in big trouble! We break down their directorial woes. And why the fate of the MCU rests with Doctor Strange.

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About This Week’s Guest:

Randy Bish, an award winning Editorial Cartoonist for over 31 years for the Tribune-Review and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His cartoons are distributed by Cagle Cartoons and the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association. (Cagle.com)

He’s got have a new collection of some of my cartoons from this election posted on his Facebook page @Bishtoons.

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NEXT WEEK: We welcome the fine folks from Project Tri-Force on the show