With Wonder Woman‘s overwhelming success and moderate buzz for Spider-Man: Homecoming are fans over the MCU? Or will Avengers: Infinity War tip the scales back next year?

PLUS: We welcome the Comic Noobs podcast on to talk..what else? COMICS!

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Here’s an excerpt from the Podcast: Kevin Veldman from Comic Noobs:

Michael Dolce: Whats your take on the DC Film U? To me DC is this train wreck that we have to watch, but all of the sudden it went from “we can’t make good movies” to “I’m more excited to see the future DC films than I am the MCU.”

Kevin Veldman: I was a fan of Man of Steel, it wasn’t perfect and had a lot of pacing issues. I did not like Batman vs Superman, it had a ton of issues, but I did feel a lot of those issues were do to studio interference. I’ve been pretty confident in the movies going forward. I don’t know what happened with Suicide Squad, I was super hyped for that one.

MD: Yeah, it just wasn’t very good.

K: I had fun watching it, but I did not like it. Wonder Woman, I have to be honest, I haven’t seen it. I have a toddler at home, so it is very hard to go to the movies.

MD: That is no excuse. I have a 16 month at home. So you haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet?

K: You can blame it on my son.

MD- That is perfectly fair.

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ABOUT OUR GUEST: Marty Grabstein

WHAT DO YOU DO? (Think Twitter Bio)

WHAT DO YOU DO? (Brief bio, credits and how you like to be referred to on air. Think Twitter Bio)

I host a Comedy podcast where we recap the most important, most fun, and most iconic comic book stories every week.


We’ve launched a new segment on our show called SuperRealityTV, where we put various comic book characters into shows like Big Brother, The Bachelor and Survivor and try to figure out who wins. It’s a hilarious and a ton of fun. We’ve got something special planned for our 100th episode comic up soon! I can’t tell you what yet though. We’ll be launching a bonus series called COMICS IN SPACE where we’re going to be talking about some epic Green Lantern comics and Marvel’s cosmic stories that are amazing but not nearly as well-known as their superheroes (featuring your favorite guardians of the galaxy!).

GOT A HOT TAKE? (Tell us the burning issues you’re dying to talk about)

Oh man I’m terrible at this kind of stuff. All my hot takes are so geeky it’s embarrassing. So a new Spider-Man movie comes out this weekend and you know how nerds like to get into pointless debates on this stuff. My most controversial position is that Spider-Man’s greatest enemy is…. Mary Jane Watson. Think about it! She’s awful!

Additionally people love to talk about superhero movie fatigue. Given the success of Guardians of the Galaxy (and Star Wars!) I could see a shift coming soon where Marvel Cosmic and the Green Lantern Corps could become the blockbuster stars of the next era of comic book movies!

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NEXT WEEK: Spider-Man: Homecoming is receiving positive reviews and could win the summer for the House of Ideas. We welcome Ultimate Spider-Man writer Brian Smith on to discuss the film’s chances of bringing back the buzz to the MCU.