We tackle all the #ComicBookMovie #OscarNoms including the shocking nom for Logan with our resident Transmedia guru Jeff Gomez. He also gives us his insider take on the FOX/DISNEY merger and reveals what two fan-fave characters are going to hit the big screen screen first … could it happen? Will it?

PLUS: X-Men Shake-up! Deadpool 2 gets NEW dates. New Mutants get delayed. And is Gambit still a thing?

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Segment 1: Logan
Logan has made waves for its nomination for Best Adaptive Screenplay, what does this mean for comic book movies to come. We are now entering “late stage” for Fox movies, how will that affect its future releases? And where does Wonder Woman fit into all this?

“If you were to go back and watch X-Men origins and Wolverine, and then I told you two movies later they’d be up for an Oscar? I’d say you’re joking” – Hassan

Segment 2: The Oscars
How does the age of the academy influence voting? Are we into a new generation of voters? Do social movements have an impact on academy nominations? We are going through the Oscar nominations to see how comic books have influenced pop culture as comic influenced movies start to move outside of just the special effects category.

“If you were dressed up in a costume with tights, there was no way you’d get nominated for an Oscar.” – Jeff Gomez


Segment 3: The Last Jedi
Hardcore fans weren’t the happiest with The Last Jedi, to say the least, but Jeff Gomez says there is a method to their madness in his article “The Self Disruption of Star Wars”. How does the new direction the franchise is taking effect the characters within the story? And how does the demand for a new film every year play in

“So what do you have to do to please hardcore fans now that you have such a bigger audience to engage with? In order to do that there is a process called self-disruption where you break some of your “toys” to fix them” – Jeff Gomez

Segment 4: Disney/Fox Merger
Jeff gives insight into a potential Disney/Fox merger saying it’ll be “huge for fanboys” and how that might dictate Marvel’s plans for the MCU in the coming years. With a bunch of movies getting new release dates including Deadpool and The New Mutants, what does this say about the direction Fox is heading?

“In the twilight of Fox they are doing interesting things with the franchises.”

Thank you once again to Jeff Gomez for coming on the show. You can read Jeff’s article “The Self Disruption of Star Wars” and more from him at blog.collectivejourney.com and can follow him on Twitter @jeff_gomez

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