The Best Comic Book Movie Sequels go head-to-head as our annual “Comic Book Movie March Madness” returns! Marvel novel writer Pat Shand help us field a bracket of 16 of the BEST comic book movie sequels of all time. You won’t believe what makes the cut!

Michael and Hassan are feeling the March Madness. They bring on Marvel writer Pat Shand to craft their own bracket for comic book movies. This year’s theme is comic book movie sequels.

Segment 1

They welcome on Marvel writer and friend of the show Pat Shand. They joke around with discussions of fast food, Pat’s fondness for Six Feet Under, whether the show “Jumped the Shark” and its overall legacy.

Segment 2

Michael, Hassan and Pat go on the unveil the bracket for this year’s Comic Book March Madness. They break down what films qualify as a sequel to be eligible for the tournament. They start determining which films earn the one seat

Michael: “Dark knight is a no-brainer one seat”

Thor Dark World

Segment 3

They continue to cut down the list with debates over whether X2 and Blade 2 are good enough to join the Big Dance, which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sequel deserves a spot and then begin the seeding process.

Segment 4

They close in on the bracket’s completion by establishing their top 8 films, and start the elimination process. ELIMINATED: Amazing Spider Man 2

Michael “They’ve serialized the movies to feel like episodes instead of movies.”

Hassan on Superman 2: “Superman 1 was an iconic movie. Superman 2 is a studio cash grab, but it was good.”

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NEXT WEEK: Our Comic Book March Movie Madness continues as we welcome comedian Halle Stern on to help us get to the Elite 8!