The Madness continues! Will a Wolverine make it out of the second round? Will the Dark Knight laugh down the competition? And oh that Thor: Dark World…

Comic Book Movie Sequels

Segment 1

Michael and Hassan start by previewing the Sweet 16 by going through each region.

First, the Lord of the Radio Region which consists of… Spiderman 2 vs. Hellboy 2 and Superman 2 vs. Thor Ragnarok

The Dolce Region with Dark Knight vs. The Wolverine and X2 vs. X-Men First Class

The Pat Shand region which consists of Captain America: Winter Soldier vs. Thor: Dark World and The Avengers: Age of Ultron vs Captain America: Civil War. Throw in a side debate over the pronunciation of posthumous and we got ourselves a heated tournament to decide amongst these movie sequels.

Hassan’s thoughts on Dark Knight: “Dark Knight is a great movie, it’s not a good batman movie.”

Hassan’s thoughts on The Wolverine : “Wolverine is a good Wolverine Movie, but not a good movie.”

Segment 2

They continue previewing the bracket with the Sam Talking Alternative Region which has Logan vs. Iron Man 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 vs. X-Men: Days of Future’s Past.

With the whole Sweet 16 bracket revealed, Mike and Hassan breakdown and determine which movies advance to the Elite 8.

They start by breaking down with Age of Ultron vs. Civil War and which movie’s issues are less glaring. They rush through some of the more lopsided matchups (Spiderman 2 vs. Hellboy 2 and Winter Soldier vs. Thor: Dark World).

Hassan’s opinion of Civil War: “Civil War comes down to one line: Should we tell Tony?”


Segment 3

Michael and Hassan go into the Sam region by breaking down the upset potential of Iron Man 3 over Logan. They debate between Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 vs. X-Men: Days of Future Past. They talk about what they didn’t expect out of Days of Future’s Past, the differences in the stories of The Dark Knight and The Wolverine: X-Men Origins.

Hassan on Logan: “I’m not a fan of old man Logan. I’m not a fan of the idea of Old Man Logan.”

Michael on The Wolverine: X-Men Origins: “Wolverine tried to do a lot of things, but the performances were a bit uneven. The Silver Samurai in the end was horrible.”

Segment 4

Michael and Hassan wrap the show up with a debate between Superman 2 and Thor Ragnarok and the nostalgia factor of Superman 2. They then determine which X-Men sequel is better: X-Men 2 or X-Men: First Class.

Michael on Thor Ragnarok vs. Superman 2: “Thor Ragnarok was a cool sitcom, but Superman 2 is much bigger.”

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