Things are heating up in our #MarchMadness bracket! Which BEST SEQUEL will win it all? Winter Soldier vs Civil War! Dark Knight vs X2! Guardians 2 vs Logan and Superman 2 vs Spider-Man 2.

Listen in to find out more on this episode of Secrets of the Sire.

Michael and Hassan return to continue their Comic Book Movie Madness Tournament to determine the best comic book movie sequel.

Segment 1

Logan VS. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Hue Jackman, The Wolverine, Patrick Stewart, How did Wolverine get his claws back?, Tribute trailer, Even split poll, Magneto, Unresolved plot details, Stray Bullets. They start off by going into the comic book movie sequel bracket by breaking down the four remaining matchups.

They start off in the Talkradio bracket with…

Logan vs. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Michael and Hassan discuss the potential plot holes in Logan, the experience watching Guardians 2 vs. its predecessor, and dive deep into what makes Logan great or not great.

Hassan on Logan: “Logan is a one-shot film. It had to destroy a lot to be successful.

Segment 2

Filling the 30 year gap between Logan and The Wolverine, The Last Jedi, Days of Futures Past, Logan has a stronger story than Guardians 2?, Hassan: “I say Logan sucks and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 wins”, How did Magneto get his powers back?, Mike Dolce’s new book The Mainstream release party.

The debate bleeds into the second segment. They go deep into comic book history to determine how Wolverine got his claws back in Logan, and dive into the continuity of the rebooted X-Men series to figure out the claw debate in Logan.

Michael on Logan vs. Guardians of the Galaxy 2: “From a story standpoint, Logan is better than Guardians 2.”

Segment 3

SuperMan 2 vs Spider Man 2, Octavius vs. General Zod, Richard Doner, Evolution of Superhero movies, Production Value.

They keep Logan vs. Guardians 2 on hold to sweep through the no-brainer match up which was Dark Knight vs. X2. Things get heated when they discuss Spiderman 2 vs. Superman 2.

Michael and Hassan debate over the flaws between Spiderman 2 and Superman 2 and why Hassan is for Superman 2 over Spiderman 2. They discuss whether how the different movie eras the two movies are in affected them and Sam even weighs in on Superman 2 vs. Spiderman 2.

They then go into Captain America: Winter Soldier vs. Captain America: Civil War. Michael questions what created the hype in Winter Soldier.

Hassan: “The only way they could make a good Logan film is to discredit everything that came before it.”

Segment 4

Civil War vs. Winter Soldier, What is it about Winter Soldier that makes it so exciting?, Caller discusses Spider Man 2’s effectiveness, as well as Guardians 2 vs. Logan, “Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is a better sequel, Logan is a better movie”, Captain America, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johannsen chemistry, Final 4 Decided, Donald Glover’s animated Dead Pool gets pushed back.

They wrap up the show by debating between Winter Soldier and Civil War. They then determine who gets into the Final Four and then Spin the Racks before ending the show. They discuss the cancellation of Deadpool: The Animated Series run by Donald Glover. Things get heated on this episode of Secrets of the Sire.

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NEXT WEEK:  Are you Ready… Player One? Our full review! PLUS: We’ll announce the winner of our Final Four! And O.A.R. lead singer Marc Roberge stops in to announce a project with his favorite comic book creator!