PODCAST | Him too? We discuss the fallout from the Chris Hardwick allegations and break down what’s next for the Talking Dead celeb and MeToo movement in Pop Culture.

PLUS: We welcome the hosts of the ‘Oh Sith’ podcast on for a Retro Review of the first X-Men Franchise: Does it still hold up after all these years?

Chris Hardwick MeToo

Segment #1:

Michael and Hassan start off the show by informing the audience about who Chris Hardwick is and the details of the claims of sexual assault and other claims against him. They talk about the details of Hardwick’s abusive relationship, the complexities of the story and how hard to is to prove mental abuse. Next they discuss the Me Too Movement and its implications. They end the segment with a tease of the upcoming debate about the situation and whether or not it applies to the Me Too Movement.

Segment #2:

Michael and Hassan open the segment discussing whether or not anything in the Hardwick situation is true since it’s so difficult to prove any of this happened. Next they discuss whether or not accusations without concrete evidence are enough to strip a person’s livelihood away, which is what has been seen with the majority of the men accused by the Me Too Movement, even if said claims are eventually proved to be true. Michael ends the segment by previewing the next segment with an interview with the Oh Sith! Show and a retro review of the original X-Men Trilogy.

X3 Retro Review

Segment #3:

Michael opens the segment by welcoming Nicholas and and Cecily from the Oh Sith! Show. Before going to the X-Men retro review, they close up on the previous discussion of the Me Too Movement and the large number of male actors accused of sexual misconduct in recent months. Next talk begin the retro review with talking about how bad X-Men The Last Stand was and how good X-Men United was and is, especially in comparison. Hassan spearheads the discussion of if these movies are as good or bad as everyone says that they are.

Segment #4:

Michael, Hassan, and the Oh Sith! Show open this final segment moving the retro review towards the first X-Men movie. The discussion quickly moves to the portrayal of Rogue and how it didn’t sit well with some of the audience members. Michael thanks the Oh Sith! Show for joining this week’s episode. On this week’s Spinning the Racks, they bring up the rumor that Billy Dee Williams is going to return to Star Wars Episode IX as Lando Calrissan, and that they working title for the origin story for the DCU’s Joker.


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