PODCAST | Our Ant-Man & Wasp Review with stunt driver Leesha Davis. She gives us her first hand account of working on the latest Marvel hit and her near death experience as a stunt woman!

PLUS: Dynamite Entertainment’s Joseph Rybandt shares the SDCC exclusives as we begin our countdown to the MECCA of ComicCons!

Ant-Man & Wasp Stunt Driver

Segment #1:

Michael opens the show previewing this week’s discussion focusing on Ant-man and the Wasp. They open the discussion with the vast majority of fans online talking about how enjoyable the film was and whether or not it lived up to the first movie. Michael draws comparisons between what fans loved about this film and how they criticized Solo for the same thing. Michael’s Mom briefly texts and roasts Steve. The guys talk about how this may be the last summer blockbuster of this year and how Deadpool 2 changing it’s time slot may be the cause. Next they talk about how influential a large dedicated group of people can be (or aren’t) when boycotting a film. They end the segment talking about some of their favorite parts from Ant-man and the Wasp.

Segment #2:

Michael opens the segment with recognizing some of the show’s patrons and other supporters of the show. Michael continues with his favorite part of the film, Ghost, the films villain, but that the movie suffered overall because the serious moments were undercut because of the comedy. Hassan and Steve discuss Michael’s points before the welcome on Alicia Davis, one of the stunt drivers on the film, and her role as a precision stunt driver. Alicia talks about how she first got into the stunt driving business on the Matrix Reloaded. Alicia then talks about some of her past stunt experiences before going back to her time on set for Ant-man and the Wasp. Alicia then talks about an injury she had on a dive and how it didn’t stop her from continuing.

Dynamite Comics Joseph Rybandt Interview

egment #3:

The segment begins with our next guest, Joe Rybandt from Dynamite Entertainment. The interview starts with a conversation about San Diego Comic Con and some of the preparation that goes into such an event. Michael ends the segment teasing spinning the racks in our final segment.

Segment #4:

The segment begins with a little friendly berating and banter between the hosts and Steve and then they go into Spin the Racks, which focuses on an article about the upcoming Birds of Prey D.C. film and it’s diversity and its implications. Michael ends the show previewing next week’s show, the San Diego Comic Con preview episode.

Ant-Man & wasp Car Chase

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