It’s our post-ComicCon Recap! Aquaman! Glass! Shazam! Wonder Woman! Which trailer had you buzzing? Which panel stole the show? Which celeb appearance left you breathless? Hear our FIRST HAND account of the show (including closing the bar with Aleks Paunovic of Van Helsing!)

PLUS: James Gunn Firing: Was it justified amd where does that leave Guardians of the Galaxy 3?

Aquaman Movie

Segment 1:

Michael’s first hand account about his comic con trip, Michael shares his experience navigating comic con and the most memorable exhibits, What is expected from Marvel after not displaying at comic con, The Split, Michael and Hassan discuss the James Gunn firing and controversy

Segment 2:

Michael and Hassan continue to discuss the James Gunn controversy, Michael attempts to defend James Gunn, Is the punishment of Gunn suitable for the offense?, Is it important to be mindful of all your activities on social media now?, Michael continues to dissect Marvel’s absence at comic con, Marvel vs DC who is leading?



Segment 3:

Michael and Hassan continue to discuss whether Marvel’s absence from comic con was a big deal and how it may have affected their perception, DC’s Shazam and Aquaman trailers, The Glass trailer and Michael reflects on Unbreakable, Out of Shazam, Aquaman, and Glass which one is most must see for Hassan and Michael?

Segment 4:

Hassan and Michael discuss the Aquaman trailer, Spinning the Racks, Teen Titans being brought to television as “Titans”, Clone Wars returning


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