This week on Secrets of the Sire: With the blood still drying from Sunday night’s “Battle of the Bastards” we dove head first into the epic battle, the satisfying end of a hated character and what’s to come in the upcoming Game of Thrones Season Finale. And we send off one of my favs: Wun Wun.

Plus! We went spinning the racks on the latest Suicide Squad news and In honor of ID4 Resurgence we unleashed our “Ancient Aliens” drinking game while pondering the question: was this movie really necessary?

Check out an excerpt from the podcast:

“But let’s talk about that battle. And let’s give a shot out to one of my favs who bit the dust: Wun Wun. Any time in a story where you can introduce someone as a villain and then completely flip the script and turn that character into a hero, flip that character where all the things that made them a badass villain can now be used on YOUR side. It’s perfect writing. And we’ll get into why GoT does not make mistakes”

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Next week: With SDCC mere months away we welcome Boom! Studios publisher Filip Sablik to give us the lowdown on the company. His interview kicks off our month long SDCC preview!

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