This week on Secrets of the Sire: With word that 20th Century Fox has “talked” about teaming up with Marvel Studios, we broke down our top Marvel/Fox crossovers we wanted to see including Deadpool/Spidey! But can an R-Rated character exist in a PG Universe?

Plus! We went spinning the racks on the rumors that Keanu Reeves might be taking the red pill and reprising his role as neo in the Matrix. And we welcomed Victor Dandridge of Vantage InHouse Productions as he gives us our Con survival guide! With San Diego Comic Con just around the corner, learn the ins and outs of #conlife with the man who’s made it his career!

Check out an excerpt from the podcast where our guest Victor Dandridge gave the ultimate scenario for Deadpool to exist outside the R-Rating:

Deadpool Vs. Spider-Man

Host Michael Dolce: “The pairing was so successful that in 2016 Marvel actually went ahead and gave the dynamic duo their own series. With a solid, wise-cracking performance by Tom Holland in Civil War under his belt and Ryan Reynolds fulfilling his dream role as Deadpool in the Fox smash this past winter, this could happen. And it might just be the most anticipated – and most difficult – team-up to take place, what with the R-rating attached to the latter.”

Victor Dandridge: “I think it could work if Deadpool knew he was in a PG-13 movie.”

Host Michael Dolce: That could work! Break the fourth wall the whole time! Oh, one of our periscope viewers just had another interesting suggestion…”

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Next week: We continue our SDCC preview with guests from After Shock Comics and Marvel joining us in studio!

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