On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire radio show & podcast we talk Spider-Man: Homecoming and the controversial casting of Disney child star Zendaya as Mary Jane Watson. Has “race swapping” become an issue in comic book movies? Or is there a larger agenda at play that could result in the downfall of Marvel movies as we know it?

Plus: We welcome Sailor Moon Crystal ADR writer Deborah Crane to talk about the show, the business and the best Anime and Manga titles you need to consume!

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Check out an excerpt from the podcast:

Zendaya in Spider-Man: Homecoming: Is Race The Issue Or Something Deeper?

“While Zendaya is of mixed race, it’s not far fetched that she could pull off red hair which is really the core characteristic the Mary Jane Watson character is ascribed to. In fact there are several photos of Zendaya with red hair on the internet and her appearance is pretty close to what Mary Jane would look like despite the mixed ethnicity.

No, it was an article posted on a web site called Grunge prior to the Mary Jane casting announcement that insinuated something far more sinister at foot regarding Marvel’s parent corporation in Disney.”


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