Defenders! Game of Thrones! Riverdale! We break down Pop Culture TV In 2017 – what to schedule our DVR for or not (did you know there’s a show called Powerless debuting Feb 2? Neither did we!)

PLUS: We’re going to be joined by Buddy Scalera, former Deadpool scribe and creator of Comic Book School talking craft and piracy

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Buddy Scalera is a comic book writer, book author, educator, and marketing consultant. He is best known for his work on Deadpool for Marvel Comics, but he has written and published a large variety of comics. He broke into comics as a journalist, which led to his role as Online Editor for Wizard Entertainment, where he launched the original Wizard World online.

He just completed a custom publishing project for Marvel Custom Publishing. We created a health education campaign for the education of IBD. You can find more at We actually did a full educational session with patients and healthcare professionals to develop a brand new superhero character.

Also, his 6th book hit the shelves last year. It was actually a repackaging and redesign of my first book of photo reference. he’s currently  creating original properties, which are going up on Comixology. The first was Necrotic, the next will be Crisis, and then Apocalypse Blvd will be next.




NEXT WEEK: We tackle writing with DC comics’ Erica Schultz. Not literally of course. We’ll basically just be talking.