On this week’s episode of Secrets of the Sire we welcome “Is It Plugged In?” host Adam Jeffrey Weinberg and GamerxVault.com’s Benny Rose on to debate whether we should see the new Power Rangers movie or check our 90s nostalgia at the door.

PLUS: Our 90s Movie March Madness continues!

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Benny Rose is a writer and event reporter for Gaming-age.com and content creator at www.Gamerxvault.com

Everyone knows him as Benny Rose. His twitter and Instagram is @itsbennyrose
He’s also a jack of many trades including playing drums, guitar, bass and synth. A huge fan Power Rangers, The Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts and Resident Evil.

PLUS: He just started creating video content including unboxings, impressions, interviews and more for Gamer X Vault

FINALLY! Being a new dad he has a 10-month-old son so balancing time between the day job which is not Gaming Age and everything else.

In the process of starting a new podcast with other Gaming Age staff. He’s a former co-host for the Media Masterminds podcast: http://mediamasterminds.podomatic.com/



NEXT WEEK: Ghost in the Shell comes out, but will it vanish from theaters or is the age of female driven action films here for good! We welcome director and VP of marketing at Paramount Pictures Marcus Perry on the show to give us the inside scoop!