On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire we discuss the new Batgirl movie helmed by Avengers director Joss Whedon and the future DC Films sure to go wrong (given their track record thus far)!

PLUS: We welcome ‘Funny or Die’ comedian Alex Berg to talk FX’s Legion, Marvel fatigue and we play ‘Pitch Party’ where we re imagine 70s TV shows in the here and now!

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WHAT DO YOU DO? (Brief bio and how you like to be referred to on air. Think Twitter Bio)

I’m an improviser, actor, and comedian living in LA. Sometimes people pay me to write stuff. I’m also a science nerd!

I’m in the middle of pitching a few TV shows, which sounds like a much bigger, cooler deal than it actually is. I’m also recording a podcast called Braids for Howl, which is Earwolf’s premium content label. Braids is a trippy science show, meant to feel like the stoned 3am conversation everybody has freshman year of college about how big the universe is. I think it works? Who knows!

I’m kind of over Marvel TV shows, but Legion is a notable exception. Also, the new Mass Effect game is deeply, deeply flawed, but very, very fun. I don’t think either of those are hot button? But they’re what’s on my mind these days.

@ActuallyBerg on twitter. There’s a fake me on Facebook at facebook.com/berg420, but that’s a fake profile using my face and name run by about two dozen devoted comedians.

NEXT WEEK: We welcome fellow TalkRadio.nyc host Kai Cole and prolific author Dara Lyons on the show to dish on the latest Pop Culture goodness!