It’s Ladies night! Women’s business coach Sarah Walton joins us to break down the cultural impact behind DC’s Wonder Woman. With positive reviews hitting the ‘net will this be DC’s first and most important victory at the box office?

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PLUS: Star Trek contributes to genocide…according to the trolls.

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WHAT DO YOU DO? (Brief bio, credits and how you like to be referred to on air. Think Twitter Bio)

I’m a business mentor for women, specifically those in corporate who want to climb higher, those who’ve chosen to stay home and now want to start something, or entrepreneurs who are looking to take it to the next level. I’m also an author and speaker.

WHAT DO YOU GOT GOING ON THESE DAYS? (Help us promote your stuff with some info)

I’m launching a course about women and money and I’m speaking all over the nation. I’m also running masterminds for small groups of women over the summer to stay focused and disciplined while finding time to enjoy the summer months. Perfect for Wonder Woman, no? ;-)

GOT AN OPINION? (We dig hot button issues in the industry and would be happy to hear your take)

Yep. It’s time for women to start kicking butts and taking names when it comes to money. We now we get paid about .77 cents on the dollar, so until the rest of the world catches up, it’s on us to make sure we remove that gap. We’re seeing a colossal collapse of faith in institutions right now, and that means that communities are turning more and more to women. We have to stop pretending like we “don’t get” money or acting like it’s OK and playing nice when we need to be standing up for each other and ourselves. (It’s much more fun to talk about with me in person, I promise!)

YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES (Where can we find you online?)

Instagram: @thesarahwalton
Facebook: @sarahwaltonpage
Twitter: @betterwaymoms

NEXT WEEK: The results are in! Has DC finally landed on money island? We bring you our spoiler-filled review of #WonderWoman!

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