With a win for Wonder Woman under DC’s belt, we break down her impact on the new Justice League movie re-shoots and the entire film U going forward.

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Here’s an excerpt from the Podcast: Is the Wonder Woman movie a Captain America movie clone?

Michael Dolce: Alright what do we want to talk about, do we want to talk about the Wonder Woman Captain America thing? Lot of people are saying that Wonder Woman is the exact copy of Captain America.

Hassan Godwin: In context of this conversation a lot of people are saying, that Wonder Woman is the female connotation of Captain America.

M- Alright this is what wanna know Star Wars unleashed “it is not a direct copy if she didn’t have super powers from the military.” I think people are just saying they basically took the structure of Captain America to turn it into Wonder woman. Well they specifically changed the war so that it wouldn’t copy Captain America.

H- I think what does it for everybody is the shield. Wonder Woman is shamelessly stealing the shield.

M- Is it really just the shield? Its a period piece taken during war, she’s bringing peace and hope to those that lost it. and that was the same thing as Captain america

H- Her idea was to bring hope however, she got the dose of reality and realized she couldn’t bring hope to the hopeless. Whereas Captain America just wanted to fight and wound up bringing hope to the hopeless. One actually brought hope, the other didn’t but both went against their intentions.

M- True, “Star Wars Unleashed” chimed in and said “Wonder Woman shouldn’t really have a shield she has bracelets.”

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