Ron Howard steps in as director of Han Solo just hours after Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are fired. Get our take on why they were ousted and what Howard has to do to make this movie a success

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PLUS: With Transformers in theaters we rank the “Best and Worst Toy Movies of All Time” and welcome the voice of “Courage The Cowardly Dog” Marty Grabstein.

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Here’s an excerpt from the Podcast: Lord and Miller Ousted From Han Solo:

Michael Dolce: News broke that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller left the new Han Solo movie due to creative differences.

Hassan Godwin: Yes and supposedly this is like those corporate decision film by committee where they bring in the dark council and it’s like those faces in like Superman the movie and they’re like “You’re guilty!” They’re like, “These two guys, they wanna ruin the product that we’re trying to make, what should we do? And thy’re like “Toss ’em! Get ’em out of here.” Usually we’re like “See? This is what happens when creativity takes a back seat to corporateness.” I read the article this time and I kind of agree with their decision.

M: “Unfortunately our vision and process weren’t combined, we usually aren’t fans of the term creative differences, but for once, this cliche is true.”

H: I told you it was a lie…I don’t have a full interpretation on what they were planning, the impression that I get is they were trying to shake things up and mess with the formula a little bit. Add some kind of comedic beat to it, that were probably not within the spectru.

M: Like farcical comedy? Like not natural humor?

H: Yeah, they made movies like sausage party, so you know i don’t want to like, you can make a movie like “Sausage Party” and then go out and make like “Schindlers List.”

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ABOUT OUR GUEST: Marty Grabstein

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Marty’s first role was in Bury the Evidence. The next year Grabstein’s voice talents earned him the role of Courage on the beloved cartoon, Courage the Cowardly Dog. The show ran until 2002. After the end of his show, Marty made frequent appearances on Law and Order, and Law and Order Special Victim’s Unit. Film credits include Apartment #5C and Third Watch.

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